Early Numeracy

The 6 Key Learning Expectations are:

The children will be actively involved in working with materials. They will first be engaged in an exploration period and then will be given different tasks and mathematical challenges. The year begins with sorting, patterning and recognizing number. The school year continues, building on these concepts with the remaining mathematical constructs woven in to daily explorations

Environment and Community Awareness

The 2 Key Learning Expectations are:

The children will be participating in a recycling program that mirrors our Strathcona County program. I will be asking the children to wash out their recyclables and to take their unfinished food home. I am encouraging the children to make it their job to put the recyclables into the correct bins at home. This will make the children aware and involved in taking care of the environment.  The children will be involved in free exploration during center time and will engage in projects throughout the school year where they will investigate, explore and question ideas and events in their environment.

Creative Expression

The Key Learning Expectation is:

The children will participate in a music program with Mrs. Grau and will participate in a moving to music program in the classroom. The children will be introduced to the art studio. They will be taught how to properly take care of and handle materials. They will be given the opportunity to work on their own art projects. The children will study different artists, using various mediums and art techniques.

Personal and Social Responsibility

The 5 Key Learning Expectations are:

The children will be engaged in center time where they will freely choose their centers and explore the materials creatively.The children will be given many opportunities to share and listen to the teacher and their classmates. They will participate in sharing circle, group story time and teacher directed lessons.

Early Literacy

The 4 key Learning Expectations

There are three main components to the language program:
Jolly Phonics

Physical Skills and Well-Being

The 3 Key Learning Expectations are:

The children will be participating in both outdoor and indoor gym activities. The year will begin with safety rules in the gym, the outdoor play equipment and the school field. We will be participating in outdoor games and running activities The children will demonstrate attitudes and behaviours that promote a safe and healthy lifestyle.  The children will learn how to wash their hands properly and will wash their hands on several occasions during the day.

Citizenship and Identity

The 4 Key Learning Expectations are:

The book The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth based on a story from Leo Tolstoy will serve as the starting point to building a sense of classroom community. It will serve as our guiding principle of how to go forward in the world.

The Three questions are:

The children will participate in a variety of projects keying on community, belonging, cooperation and valuing the uniqueness of self and others.
This is a general outline.  Please refer to our daily blog to follow the learning journey of our Kindergarten class.