January/February Curriculum Connections


Early Social Studies

We have learned about how each one of us received their special name during the first few months of school. During the next months, each child will have the opportunity to share a special item that is meaningful to them. (soccer trophy, picture, toy etc.) When your child brings home, The I am Unique bag, please send an item in this bag back to school, the following school day.

Early Fine Arts

In the coming months, we will be comparing different artists and using different art pieces as inspiration for our own works of art. We will also be looking closely at native birds and owls, and representing these birds in a variety of mediums.


Early Language Arts


During the next two months, we will continue to build on our growing literacy skills. We will revisit all of the letters and sounds through our daily morning messages.We will listen for rhyme and practice breaking words down orally in to syllables. We will be learning to read sight words, often called snap or popcorn words. In our lifebooks we will be using our knowledge to write letters, words or sentences. We will be listening to many different types of stories, beginning with Raven stories.


Early Numeracy

The children will continue to build their numeracy skills through games and problem-solving activities. Throughout the year all mathematical concepts are incorporated during the school day.


Physical Health and Well Being

The children will continue to have daily physical education in the gymnasium where they will be introduced to a variety of dances and new games. The children will also be going on nature hikes during the winter months.


Early Science

The children will be working on a long-term project of their own choosing in TheMaker Space. They will come up with their own ideas and work together to develop a plan. The project will enable the children to learn to work cooperatively, planning out their project. They will be able to test theories and continually adapt and revamp their projects.

Personal and SocialResponsibility

The children will continue to work on their ability to be part of a dynamic and respectful classroom community. They will be able to show the ability to listen appropriately and take their turn accordingly. They will be responsible for their belongings and will be able to show respectful and helpful behaviours.

UpcomingImportant Dates


Wednesday, January 6  Early Dismissal

Thursday, January 9 Hot Lunch

Friday, January 10,KM Day

Wednesday, January 15 Pizza Day

Friday, January 17 KT day

Thursday, January 23 Hot lunch Hawaii Day for Kindergarten ( dress in summer clothing, sunglasses, towel etc.)

Friday , January 24, KM Hawaii Day for Kindergarten  ( dress in summer clothing, sunglasses, towel etc.)

Wednesday, January 29 Pizza

Friday January 31 KT


Wednesday, February 5 Early Dismissal

Thursday, Friday February 6,7 Teachers' Convention School closed

Wednesday, February 12, Pizza

Friday February 14 School Closure

Monday, February 17 Family Day School closed

Thursday, February 20 Hot Lunch

Friday February 21 KM

Wednesday, February 26 Pizza

Friday, February 28 KT

November/December Curriculum Connections

EarlySocial Studies


The children have been learning about the concept of being unique. We are learning about how we are the same and different and how we should celebrate our differences. We are reading many different books about being kind and generous.We continue to learn about our names. During the months of November andDecember we will look at different winter celebrations around the world.


Early FineArts

The children will continue to be introduced to a variety of artists throughout the school year. We talked about the work of Georgia Okeeffe and drew our own magnificent flowers During November and December, we will be working in The Maker Space and will learn how to use loose parts to create our own designs, inventions and art pieces.



The children will learn about patterns in music, art, math and language. We will look at making patterns and continuing patterns. We will take the time to notice patterns in our environment. The children will also continue to play games which builds their numeracy skills. The children will play card games and dice games where they will practice their subtizing skills. (Being able to see a number without counting).


EarlyLanguage Arts

The children will continue to play with language through emails from our favourite friend. We will use this format to learn how to read from left to right, learn our letters and letter sounds, and learn to read high frequency words. We will also compose our own letters together as a group and also draw and write in our lifebooks. Listening to stories is a big part of literacy learning. We will read and discuss a variety of literature. Reading to your child daily and talking about the book is the most important homework!


PhysicalHealth and Well Being

The children have been introduced to ball skills. We have been practicing ball control, throwing, catching and bouncing. The children will participate in various movement games during the months of November and December.


Early Science

The children will continue to learn about the environment as the seasons change. We will continue our outdoor nature study. We will be learning about our native animals. The children will also be working in The Maker Space. We will will also be working with a variety of building materials and playing with science concepts.


Personal and Social Responsibility

The children are well aware of our classroom routine and should be able to take care of their belongings and follow our classroom schedule without reminders.We continue to talk in our daily sharing circle where we talk about our feelings and solve classroom problems.

ImportantDates for November/December



·      Wednesday, November 20                 Pizza Day $4.00


·      Thursday, November 28                     Hot Lunch


·      Friday, November 29                          Professional Learning Day SchoolClosed


·      Wednesday, December 5                   Hot Lunch


·      Monday, December 9                        KM Christmas party a.m.


·      Tuesday, December 10                       KT Christmas party a.m.


·      Wednesday, December 11                 Pizza day


·      Friday, December 13                          Family Christmas Breakfast 7:30-9:00 a.m.


·      Tuesday, December 17                       KT/KM attend together 1:00 Xmas Matinee


      Tuesday, December 17                        6:30 Christmas concert   Hot Lunch

    Wednesday, December 18                       Pyjama Day

     Thursday, December 19                          Pyjama Day

      Friday, December 20                          No school for ECS




OctoberCurriculum Connections

Our Kindergarten class is happy to extend a joyful welcome to our student teacher, Ms. Spisak. She will be with us until Christmas break.

EarlySocial Studies

It has been a busy month.  The children are making new friends and learning how to get along in a big group.  In October we will read the book, The Three Questions. by Leo Tolstoy , retold By Jon J. Muth. These Three questions will form our class mantra.

Who is the most important one?  The one you are with

What is the most important thing to do?  Be good to the one you are with.

What is the most important time?  Now

We will be spending time each day in a sharing circle where we will be talking about how we can be good to the one we are with. We will be reading many books and discussing how we can be a good friend to each other and to our natural world.

The children will be participating in mindful exercises. We will be learning to be mindful of our actions and words.  We will be learning how to read our bodies and will learn calming exercises to help us deal with our feelings

EarlyFine Arts

The children will be exposed to many forms of artistic expression.  They will be taught how to care for the various art materials. They will be encouraged to choose their own art materials and projects during wonder time.  In October, we will be talking about using our eyes and the power of observational drawing. We will be focusing on different lines and shapes and how different artists use line in their artwork.


We are continuing to study the concept of sorting.  The children are using their sorting skills to solve real life situations, and as a class we have discussed the value of sorting in our everyday lives.  We are playing the sorting game. You can play the sorting game at home by sorting different materials into two different categories and asking your child what the sorting rule is.  Encourage your child to sort their materials indifferent ways. The children will be engaging in games and activities to build number sense throughout the school year. We will be working with numbers up to10.

EarlyLanguage Arts

During the month of October, we will be using our names to study the following literacy concepts, letter identification, and beginning, middle and end sounds. We will also be listening for rhymes and clapping our names. We are also practicing writing our names with upper and lower-case letters. We will be writing in our lifebooks. We will draw pictures and tell our uniques tories. We will be listening to a variety of stories and discussing the stories.

PhysicalHealth and Well Being

The children are participating in a variety of movement games and activities.  We have movement and dance breaks during the day and will begin to go to the gymnasium on a daily basis.  We are concentrating on playing space awareness games and learning how to move safely. The children will also be participating in fine motor activities.  Special attention will be given to hand dominance, grasp and strength.


The children have been busy harvesting our school garden. We will continue to harvest the last of the vegetables and continue to observe, draw and use our senses to learn about the garden vegetables. We will continue to cook with our fresh vegetables. In October we will go on many nature hikes.  We will continue to observe the natural environment throughout all of our seasons. We will look closely at nature and learn how to make observational drawings. The children are working in their nature notebooks ,asking questions about the changes in the seasons. They are making their own hypotheses and coming up with their own experiments. Our first science experiment is wondering about how tomatoes turn red. We will be talking about our hypothesis and setting up experiments.

September Studies

  • Begin our Nature study
  • Commence our unit “I am Unique!” and key on getting to know our classmates and school community
  • Discuss safety and discuss ways to care for ourselves, our classmates and our classroom
  • Focus on the early numeracy skills of sorting and patterning.
  • Begin our writing journey, daily writing in our lifebooks, and learning letters and sounds through our name study.

The Classroom Environment

The kindergarten environment is carefully and thoughtfully arranged in order to engage the children.  It is important that the classroom be a direct reflection of the children.  In order to achieve this goal I would like to ask that you send in picture of your family that can be displayed in the classroom.  I also encourage the children to bring in natural objects that can be displayed and studied.  We will be looking closely at Nature for our first study.

Show and Tell

During the month of September your child can bring an item from nature.  

Over the next 2 months we will be getting to know each other and learning how we are all unique.  We will be talking about how we all contribute to our classroom community.  


During the month of September I will be letting the children get used to the routines of Kindergarten. I will not be having volunteers in the classroom. In October I will send home a note asking for volunteers. I will be needing volunteers for our upcoming  Safety city field trip and our Halloween party.

Snacks and lunch

Please send two snacks and a lunch daily.  We recycle in Kindergarten.  All left-over food items will be sent home. Please send nut free snacks and treats. Please send a water bottle everyday.


The Kindergarten children that are taking the bus should have their bus tag with their bus # and name attached to their backpack.  During the first weeks of school I will be at the front door to greet the children.  Once the children are comfortable with the routine they will be entering the school on their own.  At the end of the school day I will be taking them out to the buses before the general population.

It is very important to inform the school if your child is not going to take the bus home.  If I do not receive a note or a message from the office I will need to put your child on the bus.  For those parents that are driving to school please do not park in front of the school.  This area is designated for the school buses. Please come to the front doors of the school where I will be or bring your child directly to the classroom.

Hot Lunch

The Fultonvale School community has the opportunity to participate in a hot lunch program and a pizza day. Information will be sent home at a later date.

Backpacks and Labeling

Make sure to send your child with a large backpack to accommodate large library books.  Please label all shoes, boots and coats.  We often have identical items.

Dressing for Learning

Please do not send your child in flip flops, crocs or fancy shoes. It is important that they wear running shoes as we will be doing physical activities both inside and outside of the school. There are often accidents in Kindergarten. Please place a change of clothing: sweat pants, underwear, socks and a t-shirt in a labeled ziplock bag. The bag will be kept in your child's backpack.

The Milk Program

Fultonvale School offers a milk program.  You can buy individual milk tickets or a group of tickets from the office.  The children can keep their tickets in their lunch boxes and the milk will be delivered daily to the classroom. Check the Fultonvale website for more information.

Special Days




September 4                            Early Dismissal 1:38

September 9                            KM Pictures

September10                           KT Pictures

September 11                          Meet the Staff BBQ 5:00 p.m.

September 19                          Safety City field trip for both classes

September 20                          No school forKindergarten      

September 25                          PizzaDay            

September 27                          Terry Fox Run              

September 30                           Orange Shirt Day  



October 2                      EarlyDismissal 1:38

October 9                      Pizza Day

October 11                     Professional Development Day No classes

October 14                    Thanksgiving school closed

October 15                    Picture Retakes

October 18                    Wilderness Center field trip for both classes

October 22                    No ECS   Parent/Teacher Interviews 8:00-2:00/4:30-7:30

October 23                    Parent/teacher interviews 4:30-7:30    

October 25                    Norman Foote (evening concert)                

October 30                    KM Halloween Party (am)

October 31                    KT Halloween Party (am)

Field Trips/Special Events for Both Classes

Safety City September 19

Strathcona Wilderness Center October 18

Christmas Concert Matinee and concert December 17

Indigenous Presentation In-House Field Trip: April 24

Gallery 501/Library May 29