Our Kindergarten Blog

2020-2021 KM


Having Fun with Water colour

Today we painted water colour owls. We took our time and had a lot of fun being creative. We talked about the at family. We circled at words in our little book we are bringing home. We played a counting game with unifix cubes. We played power of 10. We are practicing seeing numbers without counting. We can use dice at home to practice. We should be comfortable seeing lots of different items arranged in different ways up to the number 5. ( like dot arrangements that are different than on a dice). We watched an owl video. Ask me to tell you a fact about owls. We stayed inside all day. It was too cold outside. We had fun playing during indoor recess. We had a cozy kindergarten day.


Clay Owls

Today is Pink Shirt Day. We talked about being kind. We should be kind every day. Mrs.Kitson read the book, Do Unto Otters. Ask me about the book. We talked about standing up and speaking out when we see someone being hurt. We talked about rhyming and found rhyming words around the room. We are taking a Dr. Seuss book home today. He really loves to rhyme. We listened to the book, Harry the Dirty Dog. We talked about the beginning, middle and end of the story. When you read me a book, we should stop sometimes and talk about the story. Ask me to retell the story to you. We made our own owl puppet. There is a poem on our owl. We made clay owls with Mrs. D. It was so much fun. We played drums in music. We did exercises with hoops in the gym. We talked about how to show caring. We had a kind day in Kindergarten.



Today The Gingerbread Man sent us a book about owls. Ask me what I learned about owls. I am bringing home a book about birds. I circled the popcorn words: I, see and a. I made my own creative art piece. We talked about rhyming words. We can play rhyming games at home. We drew an owl in a nature notebook. We looked closely at the different feet and beaks of birds. In the afternoon we talked about respect. We talked about how we show respect to our classroom and school. We also talked about how we show respect to our friends. We talked about taking turns and asking permission and taking turns picking the game to play. We had fun building a fort outside. It was a respectful day in Kindergarten.


Respect Rainbow

Today The Gingerbread Man sent us an email. He said he loved all of our pyjama designs. We talked about where we see patterns. We made AB, ABBABB, and ABC patterns in our lifebook. We practiced our letter sounds. We had fun at the art center. We made our own unique pictures using our imagination. We circled the popcorn word, the in our little book about a snowman. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The LIttle Duck, Sikihipsis. It is a Cree story. Ask me what the lesson of the story is. In the afternoon we talked about respecting our friends. We worked together making a rainbow. We talked about how it felt to to make something together. We talked about sharing, taking turns and teaching each other. At the end of the day we worked together and built a fort in the front of the school. We had a rainbow kind of day in Kindergarten.


Learning about our Personal Space

Today The Gingerbread Man sent us an email and a present. It is a mailbag just for him. We are sending Gingy the pyjamas we designed for him. We love reading his emails. We see lots of popcorn words in his emails. We saw the words: I, see, the, to , is and it in his email today. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Raven Moon. Ask me about the special bird baby. We practiced sounding out words in our lifebook. We played with our finger fun fine motor toys. We are bringing home another little book to put in our reading box. We talked about Personal Space. We watched the video book, Personal Space Camp. We talked about how we all have different sized personal bubbles. We finally were able to play outside. Hip Hip Hooray. It was a balmy day outside in Kindergarten.


Valentine's Day Fun

Today we had a fun Valentine's Day Celebration day. The Gingerbread Man sent us two Valentine books. We really liked the book about Chomp, the lemon shark. Ask me about the book. We made a valentine book about colours. We had to look at the first letter of the word to find out what colour word it was. We made a number book too. We made a candy heart graph and compared numbers. We even ate the candy. We decorated a cookie and made a special card for our parents. We had fun playing a four corners Valentine game in the gym. We had a little popcorn and a little movie at the end of the day. It was a sweet kind of Kindergarten day!