Our Kindergarten Blog

2020-2021 KM


Our Special Tree

Today two of our friends brought in items from nature. They shared a piece of petrified wood and a peacock feather. We watched a video about petrified wood and saw the petrified forest in Arizona. We watched a video about peacocks and learned a peahen is a female peacock. We talked about the letter A. We noticed that many of our friends have the letter a in their names. We had so much fun finger painting. It was messy fun. We sorted with our math tubs and played with our treasure boxes. We talked about what a community is and went on a virtual field trip around our community using google maps. We drew about our community in our lifebook. We went into the forest and Mrs. Kitson read us her favourite book, The Giving Tree. Ask me about the book. We found our own special tree. We went on a nature hike and built structures with sticks. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


Sorting Time

Today we practiced sorting objects in our math tubs. We talked about sorting by colour, size and shape. We played the sorting people game.We will be talking about other ways to sort too. We can look around our house and find ways that we sort things at home. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Chrysanthemum, by Kevin Henkes. Ask me about the book. We are learning about the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. We are looking at our names. We talked about the letter S today. Mrs. Kitson made up a silly story with snakes, spiders and a santa. You can make up a silly S story with me. I can help you come up with S words. We played with our treasure boxes and wrote in our lifebooks. We played duck, duck goose in the gym and moved to Bop till you drop, and Listen and Move . We had fun playing outside with out friends. We had a fun day in Kindergarten


Planting a Rainbow

Today Mrs. Kitson read the book, Planting a Rainbow, by Lois Elhert. We went out and looked at our school garden. We took pictures of some of the vegetables for our Nature alphabet banner. We made our own rainbow using our special scissors. Our special scissors are our hands. We watched a video about rainbows. We practiced singing our Alphabet song. We are singing all the sounds the letters make. Mrs. Kitson read the book, The Name Jar, by Yangsook Choi. Ask me about the book. We went to music and danced and sang songs. Ask me to sing you a song. We went to the gym and played Captan's Coming. We also played duck, duck Goose. Mrs. Kitson taught us the Cree words for duck and goose. We had lots of fun playing on the playground. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.

Note: I should have told them to smile!!! The sun was in their eyes!!!


Welcome to our KM Kindergarten Blog

Today we went on a Nature walk. We looked for treasures in the forest. We found frogs. We made sure we were gentle with our frog friends and we put them back in the forest quickly. We talked about the different plants. Mrs. Kitson told us about how the Indigenous people used plants as their food and medicine. We looked closely at the plants, berries and mushrooms. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Picture a Tree, by Barbara Reid. We made our own trees by ripping different colours of paper. Ripping paper is very good for developing our hand strength. We talked about sorting. We sorted with our math tubs. Ask me how I sorted? We talked about germs and Mrs. D put sparkles all over our hands and we practiced washing our hands to make sure we got the sparkle bugs off. We talked about feelings and matched feeling faces to photographs and talked about what made us mad, sad and scared. We went to music. Ask me what songs we sang? We danced and played What time is it Mr. Wolf. We had a fun day in Kindergarten!