Our Kindergarten Blog

2020-2021 KM


Light Table Imagination

Today we played with lots of cool stuff in The Maker Space. The Gingerbread man sent us an email. He likes to trick us to make sure we are looking at the letters at the start of the words when we are reading his email. He sent us a book about a special lady that liked chimpanzees. We learned about Jane Goodall. We played a game where we had to listen to a word and then replace the first letter with another letter and say the new word. It is very hard brain work. We decorated hands for a junior high project. We practiced our cutting skills. We had fun playing, What time is is Mr. Wolf and Popcorn in the gym. It was a fun day in Kindergarten


So Much Shovel Fun

Today The Gingerbread Man sent us an email about manners. He said he had a special dinner where he practiced his manners. We talked about manners and watched a video about dinner manners. We had fun in The Maker Space. We painted and built different contraptions. We practiced listening for sounds at the beginning and at the end of words. It is important that we can hear sounds before we can write the sounds. We practiced our rhyming skills. We wrote in our lifebook. We stretched out the sounds and wrote down the sounds we heard. Mrs. Kitson read us a book about Stephen Hawking. Ask me about the book. We also learned about Olivia Poole. She invented the jolly jumper. We made patterns with musical instruments. We had a mannerly day in Kindergarten.


Bird Beak Experiment

Today we did a bird beak experiment with Mrs.D. We learned about why birds have different beaks. Ask me about bird beaks. Mrs. Kitson read us the story, A promise is a Promise. She stopped reading the story and asked us to predict what was going to happen. We can do this at home when we are reading stories. Gingy sent us an email and said he really liked winter. We are bringing home a new little book. We talked about the letter do. It does not follow any rules. We played tic tac toe and played fun games in the gym. At then end of the day we played outside and built snow structures. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


Snow Time Fun

Today The Gingerbread Man sent us an email. He told us that it is Dr. Seuss's birthday tomorrow. Mrs. Kitson read, Hop on Pop. It was filled with rhyming words. We are listening for rhymes in the books Mrs. Kitson reads. Mrs. kitson also read us, Caps for Sale. It was a silly story. Ask me about the story. We made up our own endings to the story. We practiced matching rhyming pictures. We looked for popcorn words in Gingy's email. We circled it and is in our little book. We talked about caring and how we show gratitude when someone does something nice. We played gratitude tic tac toe. It was lots of fun. In the afternoon we went outside and built snowmen. It was a new snow kind of day.


Having Fun with Water colour

Today we painted water colour owls. We took our time and had a lot of fun being creative. We talked about the at family. We circled at words in our little book we are bringing home. We played a counting game with unifix cubes. We played power of 10. We are practicing seeing numbers without counting. We can use dice at home to practice. We should be comfortable seeing lots of different items arranged in different ways up to the number 5. ( like dot arrangements that are different than on a dice). We watched an owl video. Ask me to tell you a fact about owls. We stayed inside all day. It was too cold outside. We had fun playing during indoor recess. We had a cozy kindergarten day.


Clay Owls

Today is Pink Shirt Day. We talked about being kind. We should be kind every day. Mrs.Kitson read the book, Do Unto Otters. Ask me about the book. We talked about standing up and speaking out when we see someone being hurt. We talked about rhyming and found rhyming words around the room. We are taking a Dr. Seuss book home today. He really loves to rhyme. We listened to the book, Harry the Dirty Dog. We talked about the beginning, middle and end of the story. When you read me a book, we should stop sometimes and talk about the story. Ask me to retell the story to you. We made our own owl puppet. There is a poem on our owl. We made clay owls with Mrs. D. It was so much fun. We played drums in music. We did exercises with hoops in the gym. We talked about how to show caring. We had a kind day in Kindergarten.