Our Kindergarten Blog

2020-2021 KM


Print Making

Today we talked about the planets. We watched a video about the planets. Ask me what I learned about Pluto. We made our own planets. We made prints. We used a pencil to make lines on special styrofoam. We then rolled different colours onto our styrofoam and put it on our paper. It was fun seeing what happened when the colours mixed. We played a fun game with Mrs. D. It was a fun describing game. We ate snack and lunch outside. It was so nice today. We had a fun day in kindergarten.


Today we met Cloud

The Gingerbread Man sent us an email and said he was frustrated and mad at his sister. We talked about what to do when you are frustrated and mad. Today our friend Jasmyn came and read us a book about Cloud. She is going to come into our class every week for 6 weeks to talk to us about feelings. She is called our mental health capacity worker. She is from Strathcona County and she works in our school. She brought Cloud for us to look at. He is a fun cuddly stuffie. Ask me what I learned about feelings. We worked on subitizing and ordering numbers today. We continued to work on building our space houses. We practiced printing the letters, U and V. Mrs Kitson read us a chapter from Owls in the Family. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The Darkest Dark, by Chris Hadfield. We learned that the author is a real astronaut. We watched a video of Christ Hadfield in outerspace. We played a fun asteroid game in gym. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


The Mars Space Rover

Today we watched a video about the space rover and the helicopter on Mars. Mrs. Kitson read us a rhyming song book about the planets. She also read us a information space book. We practiced our subitizing and ordering skills using the shaker dice. We practiced reading popcorn words in our outer space book. We like reading our little books at home. We practiced printing the capital letters: H and L. We worked on building our space houses. We are using our creative and problem solving skills. Mrs. Kitson read another chapter of Owls in the Family. Ask me about the pet parade. We talked about playing nicely on the playground. We had a sharing circle and discussed what the consequences should be if we are not following the playground rules. We had fun playing with the new vehicles during wonder time .. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


Earth Day

Today Gingy sent us an email. He sent us two books about Earth Day. We talked about how we can help take care of the Earth. We coloured an Earth Day book and we circled the popcorn words we can read. We played an Earth Day game and practiced printing the frog jump letters, M and N. We started building our space houses. We used makedo screws and screwdrivers. We played the xylophones in music class. We played with the parachute in gym. We went outside for lunch. After lunch we went outside and picked up garbage. This is one way we can take care of the Earth. We used plastic gloves so we did not get our hands dirty. We watched a video about Earth Day. Mrs. Kitson read us another chapter of Owls in the Family. Ask me about the book. She also read us a book about Metis music and dance. We tried to do The Red River jig. We had a busy and fun day in Kindergarten.


Looking for Signs of Spring

Today we went for a nature walk and looked for signs of Spring. We saw different kinds of buds on the trees. We found dandelions and new green grass. In the morning we worked on our printing books. We remembered to start printing from the top. We are using our popcorn words in our lifebooks. We are learning about The Metis People. We learned about who the Metis people are and we learned about the Metis sash. We are working on planning our Space house. We drew the outside of our space houses. Soon we will build our space houses. In gym we played sharks and lifeguards with the parachute. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


Galaxy Art

Today we learned about galaxies. We made our own galaxies with special chalk. We learned about blending colours. We made our own space books. We copied space words and drew our own pictures. We had lots of fun playing with the parachute in the gym. We spent the afternoon outside. Mrs.Kitson read the book, Places of Power. We talked about where our places of power are. We drew our place of power in our nature book. It was a beautiful day to be outside.