Our Kindergarten Blog

2020-2021 KM


Making Bread and Butter

Today we made bread and butter. We ground the wheat kernels to make flour and we shook a jar of whipping cream to make butter. We had a great snack of fresh bread and butter. Mrs. Kitson read us different versions of The Little Red Hen story. Ask me about the stories. We talked about the letter Q and who it always has a friend around. We drew wheat in our nature books. We had lots of fun in gym. We ran and ran and ran. We went outside for a nature walk. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


Rainbow Crow

Today Mrs Kitson read us the story, Rainbow Crow. It was an indigenous story that explained why the crow is black and makes the caw sound. Ask me about the story. We talked about the sacrifice that the crow made. We talked about the things we do for people, just like the crow. We played a dice game where we had to find the number that was just one more. We made our own crow puppets. You can sing the 5 Little Crows song with me. We played with our treasure boxes. We watched a video about the differences between crows and ravens. We drew a raven in our nature book, and talked about what we learned from the video. We made our own rainbow crows. In the afternoon we played in the forest. We had hot chocolate and gingerbread man cookies. We also went and played on the mountain. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


We Love Gym Class

Today we had lots of fun playing around with paints. It was very messy!!! We made patterns in our lifebook. We are getting very good at making different patterns. We talked about the Letter Z. We played a fun playdough game. We practiced counting and comparing numbers with the playdough balls we made. We practiced making patterns with our numeracy tubs. In gym we played a fun four corners exercise game. We watched an animated storybook, called, The Stick. Ask me about the story. We imagined what we would make our stick turn in to. We went outside in the afternoon. We found lots of crystals. It was another beautiful day.


Welcome Back

We were all excited to see each other after the holidays! We had a sharing circle and talked about our holidays. Some of the children shared their Home for the Holidays books. The Gingerbread Man sent us an email and a package with books to read. Mrs. Kitson read the book The Koala that Could. Ask me about the book. We have new life books. We are starting to write more words. We are copying print and sounding out words with Mrs. Kitson. We are learning different secrets about letters. We talked about the letters X and Y. We practiced our letter sounds on the iPad, using Pocket Phonics. We translated different patterns with the items in our numeracy tubs. We spent the afternoon in the forest. It was a beautiful day!


The Polar Express

Today we took a ride on The Polar Express. We had hot chocolate and nougat. We even received tickets to go on the train. We made sure our ticket was punched so we could stay on the train. We practiced our colouring and cutting skills when we made our own cut out train. We played a dice game. We had fun putting pictures into hot chocolate cups around the room. We had to match pictures with the first letter in the word. In the afternoon we had a popcorn party. It was a choo choo kind of day in Kindergarten.


Christmas Craft Fun

Today we had a Christmas Craft Party. We made gingerbread men, a cut out Christmas tree and a real candy Christmas tree. We made a Christmas count down chain and a reindeer puppet. We decorated and ate yummy cookies. We exercised with an elf and pretended we were in a Christmas video game. We had to jump and duck and dodge to save The Christmas Village. We had a fun Christmassy kind of day in Kindergarten.