Our Kindergarten Blog

2020-2021 KM


Easter Egg Hunt

Today Mrs. Kitson read us different versions of The Three Little Pigs story. We talked about making up our own stories using different animals. At the story table we made up our own stories with our friends. We practiced our cutting skills and made a Three Little Pig story. In the afternoon we had so much fun going on an Easter Egg Hunt in the forest. A big thank you to the grade 9 Leadership class for making a special hunt just for us.


The Three Little Pigs

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the story, The Three Little Pigs by Steven Kellog. It was a little different from the original Little Pig story. She also read us the book, Super Pigs, by, Claire Evans. Ask me about the books. We made our own little pigs' houses. We are bringing home our Little Red Riding Hood books. Ask me to re-tell the story using my book. We played a puzzle game putting together compound words. We are working hard on our weaving. We played with the basketballs in the gymnasium. It was so much fun. We were hot and sweaty after gym. After afternoon recess we listened to a guided meditation and calmed our bodies. We had lots of fun playing at wondertime. It was a little piggy kind of day in kindergarten.


Super Red Riding Hood

Today Mrs. Kitson read us a funny version of Red Riding Hood. The name of the book is Super Red Riding Hood. We really liked this version. Most of us still like Ninja Red Riding Hood the best. We made special post cards today for Mr. Spady. We wrote down what we liked best about school. We played roll a sight word. Mrs. Kitson wrote the words on the board and we stretched out the sounds. We are making a Little Red Riding Hood book so we can re-tell you the story. Maybe, we could make up our own version of Red Riding Hood together. It was so wet outside. We were glad we had a change of clothes. It was fun playing in the castle in the afternoon. We had a wet and wonderful day in kindergarten.


Little Red Riding Hood

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the fairy Tale, Little Red Riding Hood. We also watched a video story, Little Red Riding Hood. She also read us the book, Ninja Red Riding Hood. We talked about the differences and similarities between the two stories. We talked about compound words and played a puzzle game, putting words together to make a compound word. We are bringing home a little book to add to our collection. We talked about the popcorn word "of" We had lots of fun playing in the castle. It was a great day in kindergarten.


The Little Red Hen

Today Mrs. Kitson read the story of The Little Red Hen. After the story she gave us a wheat berry. It is the kernel of the wheat plant. We put the wheat kernels into a flour mill and made our own flour. We learned about whole wheat flour and white flour. In the afternoon we made buns out of our flour. They were yummy. Mrs.Kitson also read us the story, The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza. Ask me what was the same about the stories and what is different. We used a new tool called a rekenrek. We are using it make different number combinations. We had fun playing with baloons and rackets in the gym. It was a bunderful day in Kindergarten.


A Cowgirl Cinderella Story

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the story, Cindy Ellen, A Wild Western Cinderella. It was a cowgirl version of Cinderella. After she read the book we had our own square dance. She read another version of Cinderella. It was called, The Rough Face Girl. It was an indigenous Cinderella story. We are practicing printing. We should always start our letters from the top. We had lots of fun playing with balloons in the gym. In the afternoon we had hot chocolate and cookies. We dressed up and played in the castle. We are learning to draw our portraits. We are drawing ourselves like kings and queens. It was a Royal cowboy and cowgirl day in Kindergarten.