Our Kindergarten Blog

2020-2021 KM



Today Mrs. Kitson read us the fairytale, Cinderella. She also read us the book, The Korean Cinderella. We saw an ox. We watched the video where the ox was used to thrash the rice. We talked about the differences and the similarities in the books. We coloured a new little book. It is all about colour words. We learned about castles. We talked about what we could have in our castle at school. We have lots of metal dishes, like goblets and platters in our new castle. We had fun dressing up and playing in our castle this afternoon. We played a domino castle game. We practiced our subitizing and counting on skills while playing with the dominos. We planted special sunflower seeds. We watched a video about what plants need. They will grow into sunflower microgreens. We had a courtly kind of day in kindergarten.


A Taste of Congee

Today Mrs. Kitson made us congee and we tried Chinese long donuts. We learned about congee from the book, Goldy Luck and The Three Pandas. It is a rice porridge. A big thank you to one of our kindergarten families that sent us the congee recipe .Mrs. Kitson talked about how we should try new things and that people all over the world eat many things that we have never tried. We watched a video about how rice is grown. It takes a lot of work to harvest rice. Mrs. Kitson read us another funny book. It was Goldi Rocks and The Three Bears. We learned about bear facts. Ask me a fact about bears. We listened to an indigenous legend about How the Bear Lost His Tail. It was a beary good day in Kindergarten.


Signs of Spring

Today we talked about the signs of Spring. We talked about what we noticed outside and what we noticed that we started doing differently. We went outside for a nature walk and looked for signs of Spring. We will be looking everyday on our nature hikes to see when the buds will be out and when we will see green grass. We hope the snow goes away soon. There was still alot of snow in the forest. We had a fun Springy Spring day in Kindergarten.


The Three Bears

Today Mrs. Kitson read us three different versions of The Three Bears Story: The Three Bears, by Paul Galdone, Goldy luck and the Three Pandas and Somebody and the Three Blairs. Ask me about the books. Ask me what book was my favourite. We talked about what we did over Spring Break. We helped Mrs. Kitson write the words on the smartboard. We are clapping out syllables and stretching the sounds in the words. We wrote in our lifebooks and we talked about the popcorn words, see and can. We circled the popcorn words in our Three Bears book. We played a subitizing game on the smartboard. In the afternoon we had fun setting up a Three Bears House. We performed a play at the end of the day. It was a fun first day back in Kindergarten.


Music Time Fun

Today was our last day before Spring break. In Music class we played a new amazing instrument. Ask me what it is called. We had lots of fun playing with sounds and listening for sounds in words. We worked on moving an object every time we heard a sound in a word. Mrs. Kitson read us a book about Friends. We talked about what a good friend is. We watched a funny video about a special kind of friendship. We had lots of fun playing outside. We are getting pretty wet. Many of us needed to change into our spare clothes. It was a wet and wild day in Kindergarten.


The Naughty Leprechaun

Today The Gingerbread Man sent us an email. He said he was going to go to a party with his leprechaun friend. He sent us the book, The Gingerbread Man and The Leprechaun Loose in the School. The Leprechaun was very mischievous. When we came in from recess the Maker Space was all messed up. The leprechaun did leave us rainbow cookies and green sprinkles. He was messy but pretty nice too. At center time we did lots of St. Patrick's day activities. We even made a rainbow with fruit loops and marshmallows. We watched Irish dancing and did our own special Irish dancing. It was a crazy fun day in kindergarten.