Our Kindergarten Blog

2020-2021 KM


Snowshoe Fun

Today it was games day in Kindergarten. Our substitute teacher read us the book, Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns about Sportsmanship. We played the over the head game. We had to give clues and our friends had to guess what the picture was. We played lots of different games. We practiced seeing objects without counting. We played a fun question game. In the afternoon we went snowshoeing. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun too! We watched an indigenous story about how the rabbit got his long ears and feet. It was a wonderful day in Kindergarten.


Rabbit Vs. Hare

Today we learned about rabbits and hares. Ask me to tell you some of the differences. We made a rabbit puppet and we drew a hare in our nature notebook. We played BUMP IT and we had lots of fun with our substitute teacher. At the end of the day we played on the mountain. It was really nice outside.


Let The Bells Ring

Today The Gingerbread Man sent us an email. He told us about the thinks that he likes. He said he really likes school. We talked about the things we like. We wrote what we liked in our lifebooks. We talked about our new popcorn word, like. We are bringing home a little book titled; We Like School. We played a new subitizing game. It was a matching game. We are working hard on our weaving. There are so many nice colours of yarn. In Music we played with the bells. There are really big bells. Mrs. Kitson read us a funny book, It was called. There was an Odd Princess that Swallowed a Pea. Ask me about the book.


Sewing with our Special Sewing machine

Today The Gingerbread Man sent us an email. He talked about all the places he liked to go. We talked about the popcorn word to. We circled the popcorn words; to and the in our little book. We like reading our little books. We talked about the places we like to visit. Mrs. Kitson read the book, Over and Under the Snow. We learned about all the animals that live under the snow. We played the fun game; Zap. We are still practicing seeing the number 5 without counting. We are practicing seeing two and three and sometimes 4 and one. Then we know it is 5. We love working on our weaving. We had fun going around the room with a clipboard and finding rhyming words. We had so much fun sewing special blue and yellow hearts with our special sewing machine. We are sending love to Ukraine. We had lots of fun playing outside and at Wondertime. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


Rainbow Crow

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the story, The Rainbow Crow. Ask me about the story. We drew ravens in our nature notebooks and we drew rainbow crows. We used many different colouring tools. We played a fun snowman subitizing game. We are practicing seeing objects without counting. We are talking about what we see. If it is a group of 5 we might see two and three or 1 and 4 or we might be able to see 5 on its own. We also talked about another popcorn word, (is). We are bringing home another little book to practice our reading skills. We had fun playing outside. We are glad that it is getting warmer. Ask me about crows. We learned how smart they are. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


Raven Stole the Sun

Today we watched a video about How the Raven Stole the Sun. Mrs.Kitson read us the book Raven Moon. Ask me about the stories. The Gingerbread Man sent us one of his bird friends. She is a Gingy bird named Olive. Olive has a brother named Oscar. Olive and Oscar needed a nap so we played them lullabies. They want to learn to read just like us. We talked about the popcorn word, and. We are bringing home a little book. We practiced subitizing with dice today. We are practicing writing our numerals. We drew ravens in our nature notebook. We had lots of fun at Wondertime. We love colouring! It was a birdy day in Kindergaten.