Our Kindergarten Blog

2021-2022 KM


Snow Much Fun!!!!

Today we talked about big feelings. We watched a storybook video called: The Boy with Big Feelings. We talked about our own big feelings and how we should be kind to our friends when they have big feelings too. We wrote in our lifebooks about what we did during Fall break. We played swat the letter sounds. We are practicing the sounds; s,a,t,p,i and n. We made pictures with rubbing mats. We talked about patterns. Mrs. Kitson made people patterns with us. We had to guess what the pattern was. We made our own patterns with the math tubs. We talked about the letter G and how it makes two different sounds. We listened for the g sound in our friends' names. We had lots of fun playing in the house center, painting drawing and building. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


Remembrance Day Reflection

Today Mrs. Kitson read the book, A Poppy is to Remember. We talked about how we remember all the soldiers and families that were affected by war. Today we learned about The Diwali Celebration. We learned that people celebrate different holidays. We watched an artist make a Rangoli. We made our own Rangoli out of coloured sand. It was lots of fun. We played Domino war. We talked about the letter D. We listened for the d sound in our friends' names. In Music we played London Bridge is Falling Down. We talked about At the end of the day we went outside and played in the forest. It was a great day in Kindergarten.


Georgia O'keefe

Today we learned about the artist, Georgia OKeefe. She liked to paint big flowers, bones and mountains. She also painted tall buildings. She said she likes to look closely at nature. She wanted to show everyone how beautiful nature is. We looked closely at poppies. We used special pastels to draw our poppies. We are making them for Remembrance Day. We played a fun sorting game. We had to figure out what Mrs. Kitson's sorting rule was. We had fun playing with marble works and playing with bones in the sand table. Georgia is right. Bones are cool. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


Happy Halloween

Today we had a fun Halloween party. We decorated cookies, made monsters and witches. We even made a popcorn hand. We played Halloween games in the gym. We danced and we had a fun bopping ball race. We watched a Halloween video and had some sweet treats. Thank you to all the parents that sent Halloween goodies.


Learning about Orange Shirt Day

Today we talked about Orange Shirt Day. We were not at school on Orange shirt day so Mrs. Kitson talked to us about the special day. Mrs. Kitson showed us the book, The Orange Shirt Day Story.. It is a sad story. We talked about how we felt and how we should always be kind to everyone. We drew designs on orange shirts. Our whole school made orange shirts. We played the Power of 10 game and we practiced our cutting skills. We played with balls in the gym. We had fun in the afternoon playing in our haunted house. We had a good day in Kindergarten


A Horse Called Steve

Today we watched a video. It was called, A horse Called Steve. We played a game where we had to buzz in and give an answer to questions about the story. We talked about the new vocabulary words: exceptional, drenched and devastated. Reading storybooks helps to build our vocabulary. We played the brain game. We practiced separating words into syllables. We practiced listening to the beginning and ending sounds in words. We also listened for rhyming words. We played a new game called Power of 10. We learned a new word, subitizing. It means seeing a number of objects without counting. We are using that skill when we are playing the power of 10 game. We made cool things out of wire. We had fun playing in our Haunted House. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.