Our Kindergarten Blog

2021-2022 KM


Safety City and Meeting New Friends

Today we met new friends. Mrs. Kitson mixed us all up in two different classes. It was fun to meet new friends. We will see each other next year in grade one. We had so much fun at Safety City. Ask me what the 7 Safety Steps are. We learned about road safety and fire safety. We loved driving the quads around Safety City.

A big thank you to all the volunteers that came and helped out. We could not have done it without you!


It was a Perfect Day

Today we spent most of the day outside. In the morning we talked about The Three Sister's garden. We remember harvesting last year's Three Sister's garden. We planted corn, beans and different kinds of squash. We worked on our number books and our We LIke Music book outside. It was fun working outside in the fresh air. We also had lots of fun building with found materials. We built bridges, houses and lots of contraptions. We had a picnic lunch. In the afternoon Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Wolverine and Little Thunder, by Ala Syliboy. We watched videos about eels and wolverines. One of our friends told us about a sea lampery. We watched a video about that crazy creature. Do you know what a sea lamprey is? It was a perfect day in Kindergarten!


Indigenous Games

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The Great Ball Game of the Birds and Animals. by, Deborah L. Duvall, drawings by Murv Jacob. Ask me about the little creatures. In the afternoon we played 4 different games. We leg wrestled, played Double Ball, Make the Stick Jump and Scream and Run. We had so much fun. We talked about how the games were fun but we also learned that they were used to make the children strong. In the morning we made words and talked about rhyming. We played Bump It. It is a subitizing game. We practiced printing our numbers and we are getting close to finishing our blankets. It was a fun day in kindergarten.


Preparing the Garden

Today we went out to the garden beds. We cleaned up the old plants and worked the soil. We are getting ready to plant our gardens. In the morning Mrs. Kitson read us the story, The Magnificent Thing, by Ashley Spires. Ask me about the story. We made our own magnificent things. We practiced writing our numbers and printing jump frog letters. Ask me where I should start my letters and numbers. We practiced our cutting and colouring skills. We made a pot and flowers. We are working hard to finish our weaving project. It was a great garden day in kindergarten.


Telling our own Stories

Today Mrs. Kitson told us the story of the white buffalo. She told the story without pictures just like the indigenous people would do. Ask me about the story. We learned about how the indigenous people used all the parts of the buffalo. At the story table we made up our own stories. We built 3-D objects with playdough and blocks. We drew a bison in our nature notebooks. We learned it stands for respect. We talked about the word respect. We are working hard to finish our weaving. In our lifebooks we wrote about our favourite fairy tale. In the afternoon we had fun playing in the house and with the hobby horses. We played with building materials and made our own art creations. We had a fun day in kindergarten.


Farm Safety

Today we had a zoom meeting. We learned about farm safety. Ask me about what we learned. Ask me about one seat, one rider. Our house center has turned into a farm house. We had lots of fun dressing up and riding our horses. In the morning we read our little books about the farm. We wrote about what we learned about farm safety in our lifebook. We practiced listening for beginning, middle and end sounds in words. We made words with Mrs. Kitson. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The Paper Bag Princess. It was very funnyy!. It was a nice day outside. We had a picnic outside. It was a fun horsing around in kindergarten.