Our Kindergarten Blog

2021-2022 KM


Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Stuck, by Oliver Jeffers. It was very funny. We went outside and made a design with leaves. We made our own leaf print. We used a real hammer to make our print. In the morning we had a very nice substitute teacher. She read us the story, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We acted out the story. We cut up pictures of the story and put the pictures in the right sequence so we can retell the story. We practiced sorting with our math tubs. We told our own special stories in our lifebooks. In gym we played a fun running game where we had to make different sized groups. It was a fun day in kindergarten.


Running for Terry Fox

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the book, What does it Mean to be Kind? We talked about being kind. We talked about how Terry Fox was really kind. At center time we drew a picture of Terry Fox and talked about what kind things he did. We looked closely at trees and their branches. We talked about what branches looked like. We used words like wiggly and crooked. We made our own torn paper trees. We talked about sorting. We sorted shapes on the smartboard. We talked about sorting by size, colour and shape. We are learning many songs in Music class. We sang Grandma's Glasses and did the Hokey Pokey. In the afternoon we ran like Terry Fox. We were very tired. Mrs. Kitson stirred the Kimochi pot and we talked about the feelings sad and happy. We practiced showing these feelings in our faces and on with our bodies. We have a calming tent in the classroom. If we are feeling sad or need a break we can go in the tent and use the breathing ball to calm our feelings. We had a fun day in kindergarten.

You can still donate on line to The Terr Fox campaign.


Strathcona Wilderness Center

Today we went to Strathcona Wilderness Center. We learned about nature. We were nature detectives. We played nature bingo and had lots of fun finding all the beautiful nature creations. We saw spider webs, spiders, mushrooms, bird nests. Some of us even saw a muskrat. We played lots of nature games. It was fun walking through the forest. There was a real special tree that made a cool opening to the nature path. We had a fun day outside in nature.


Vegetable Soup

Today we went to the garden and picked; beans, potatoes, onions, turnips and beets. We made vegetable soup. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Stone Soup, by Jon Muth. Ask me what I learned from the book. We will be learning all about our names. Today we made our names in different ways. We made our names on paper, with blocks, with beautiful stuff and with playdough. We started to write in our Life books. This is a book we will write in throughout the school year. We will tell our own special stories in our life book. We played a fun brain game. We listened for sounds in words and listened for rhymes .Mrs. Kitson taught us a Japanese word, Kimochi. It means feelings. She stirred up a whole bunch of feelings in a pot. We talked about different feelings. Ask me about one of the feelings. We had fun at wonder time. We like playing with all of the different materials in the Maker Space.

Teacher Note: I will be putting on pictures of the children on my blog when I receive all the information from the parent portal.


Learning about Terry Fox

Today Mrs. Kitson talked to us about Terry Fox. We watched a video about him. We talked about what we could do to be nice to people. We talked about ideas to help Terry Fox. We thought we could do chores to make money to give to Terry Fox's foundation. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Breathe. Ask me about the book. We practiced different ways of breathing. Ask me about the bunny breathe. We talked about making our own stories during story maker time. We stopped and shared our stories. Some of our friends made stories with found objects. Some of our friends made pictures and books. Some of our friends told stories. In the afternoon we went to the garden and picked tomatoes. We looked at all the different plants in the garden. We had fun painting, singing, and playing. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


The Legend of The Three Sisters

Today Mrs.Kitson talked to us about The Three Sisters' Garden that last year's Kindergarten class planted. We learned that The Three Sisters' Garden has corn, squash and beans growing in it. We watched the story of The Three Sisters on the smartboard.also picked carrots. We made zucchini, carrot muffins. We used our sense of smell to guess what some of the ingredients were. We recognized cinnamon and we learned about nutmeg. We had fun telling our stories during story making time. We made stories with blocks, playdough, found materials and of course we made lots of pictures and books. We liked sharing our stories with our friends. We had fun in gym class. We played Captain's Coming. Ask me about the game. In the afternoon we played in the Maker Space and in the house center. We picked out a library book today. When we bring back our book we can take another one out. It was a fun and yummy day in Kindergarten.