Our Kindergarten Blog

2021-2022 KM


Friday Fun Day

Today we played a name game called, Higgetly, Piggelty Bumble Bee, Can you find your name for me? We came up to the smart board and drew a picture under our name. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Froggy goes to School. Ask me about what Froggy dreamed about. We had lots of fun drawing and making our own books. We played in the house center. We had fun dressing up and having a tea party. In the gym we played What Time is it Mrs. Wolf. We played outside at the big park. We had a fun day in kindergarten.

A note from Mrs. Kitson: Higgetly Piggetly is a fun game where the children identify their name in amongst other names. Recognizing our names is an early literacy goal for Kindergarten. We will be using our names to practice rhyming and to identify letters and sounds.

Forms: If you have not already done so, please send back all forms. The form that needs to be signed on the parent portal is under: Correction and Verification/General/FOIP. This gives consent to put pictures on my blog.

Field Trip: If you have signed up for the field trip all parents can come. I will send out an information letter next week.


Meeting New Friends

Today was the first day with all of our kindergarten friends. We played games to learn our names. We learned the Nursery Rhyme, Jack Be Nimble. We practiced saying the nursery rhyme with all of our names. We even jumped over a pretend candle stick. We will be learning many Nursery rhymes in the next two months. We had our pictures taken today. We played at different centers. We played with the math tubs, and with lots of finger fun toys. We played in the house center, the water table and the sand table. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Pout, Pout Fish Goes to School. We went to the gym and practiced many ways to move our bodies. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


The First Day of Kindergarten

It was a great to see our new Kindergarten friends. We started the day with a sharing circle. We played games to learn our names. We read the book, Tom Goes to Kindergarten. Ask your child about what Tom's parents did? The children played at centers. They painted, built structures, drew pictures, and played with different sensory materials in The Makerspace. The children had fun with Mrs. Grau during music class. In the gym. the children moved around like different animals. We also played the game duck, duck goose. We learned the Cree words for duck and goose. (Sisip, niskak ᓂ)

Our first day with all children is Thursday, September 9th.


Welcome to Fultonvale Kindergarten

Mrs. DeHaan and I are very excited to meet our new kindergarten friends. We will be outside to meet the buses and take the children over to the small playground near the Olympiette Center. If you are driving we will meet you at the park.

We look forward to having a great day filled with fun and friends!