Our Kindergarten Blog

2021-2022 KM


Learning About Respect

Today we talked about the word respect. We talked about respecting ourselves. our friends and our school. We talked about how we can do that. At Wondertime we had fun playing instruments and singing. At Center time we coloured a little book. We circled our new popcorn words; On and a. We made an ab, and abb and an abc pattern with hearts. In our lifebooks we drew a picture about what love meant to us. We played a special panda game. We had to balance sticks. Mrs. Kitson read us the books ,A World of Kindness. It was a great day in Kindergarten.


Valentine Day Fun

Today we had a valentine party. We decorated valentine cookies. We made a skittle graph. We counted and compared numbers. We talked about more and less than. We made our own special valentine. We made a colour word valentine book. We had so much fun playing in the water table with cool ice cubes. It was a blast making strawberry chocolates. It was so much fun giving out our valentines. It was a love, love, lovely day in Kindergarten!


Weaving Wonder

In the morning we learned about the Metis people. We learned about the Metis sash. Mrs, Kitson showed us a sash. We are making out own weavings too. We will be working hard to make our own blankets. We are starting to learn popcorn words. They are the words that pop up all the time when we are reading. Today's popcorn words are I and see. We will be bringing home lots of little books. You can read them to me pointing at the words. I can then read them to you. We played a fun game called Zap. We are practicing seeing objects up to 5 without counting. We also played a fun game called Picture Link. It was a strategy game. We had a fun day in Kindergarten. At the end of the day we went and looked at all the snow structures. It was a wonderful day in Kindergarten.


The Valentine House

Today we set up a Valentine House. It was so much fun to play with all of the jewelry, dresses and purses. Mrs. Grau taught us valentine songs. Ask me to sing you Tony Chestnut. We made patterns and used the instruments to make musical patterns. I can make patterns at home and show you how I can make my own music. We played alphabet bingo. Mrs. Kitson told us a funny story about the letter Z. It was about a zebra turning into a zipper. We helped her come up with Z words. I can play that story making game at home. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Eyes that Kiss in the Corners, by, Joanna Ho. We are writing words in our lifebook. It is fun to tell our own stories. In gym we played the spy game. It was lots of fun. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


Music and Pattern

Today we talked about patterns in music. We made our own musical patterns. We practiced making patterns with unifix cubes. We can make all sorts of patterns. We use letters to name our patterns. I can show you an AABBCC pattern. I can show you many different patterns. We practiced using our sound letter knowledge to copy print, and write our own words and sentences. We love using our imagination at the Beautiful stuff center. We love building and telling our stories. We talked about the letter Y and Mrs. Kitson made up a funny Y story. It was a cold day so we played inside. We had fun playing a new game, called Monster. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


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