Our Kindergarten Blog

2021-2022 KM


Snow Painting

Today we talked more about owls. We painted an owl and we made an owl puppet. We started to colour our own bird book. We can keep all of our little books in a shoe box. We can use these books to practice pointing to the words with our parents. We drew owls in our nature notebook and playing a game where we had to be fast and find funny monkey pictures. In the afternoon we went outside and painted pictures in the snow. It was a owly day in Kindergarten.


Hawaii Day


The Mitten

Today Mrs. Kitson read the story, The Mitten by Jan Brett. We acted out the story. Ask me what the story was about. We made our own Mitten book. We talked about the letter X and we copied patterns with pattern blocks. We are working very hard listening for sounds and writing words in our lifebooks. We had lots of fun playing in the restaurant and the animal hospital. It was a great day in kindergarten.


Fun at The Restaurant

Today the buses were cancelled so there were not many children in our class. We talked about the letter W and played a fun snowman numbers game. We played a game called, Rummikub. We practiced listening to the beginning and ending sounds in words. We also are practicing our rhyming skills. Mrs. Grau read us the book, Turtle Island. Ask me about the book. We had fun in gym we played a fun Minecraft exercise game. We had lots of fun playing in the new restaurant. It was a fun day in KIndergarten.


Fun with Owl Pellets

Today we started learning about owls. Ask me what an owl pellet is. We took apart an owl pellet. We discovered lots of different bones in the pellet. We drew pictures of the bones in our nature journal. numbers without counting (subitizing). We made beautiful art pieces at the beautiful stuff station. We practiced our rhyming and listening for beginning sounds, We played a dice game and practiced making different lines on a hat. We talked about the letter L. We had so much fun playing animal hospital. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


It was so Good to be Back at School

It was so fun to be back at school and to see our friends. Finally we could play outside!! We had so much fun playing in the snow and playing on the snow mountain. The Gingerbread Man surprised us. He sent us two books about pancakes. Guess what? The Gingerbread Man even sent us hot pancakes and syrup. We learned a new math game. We made our own If you Give a Pig a Pancake book. It was a funny story. We talked about the letter J. We have a friend in our class that begins with the letter J. We are practicing rhyming and learning our letter sounds. I can practice these skills at home. There are ideas on Mrs. Kitson's website. It was a warm winter day in Kindergarten.