Our Kindergarten Blog

2022-2023 KM


Reading The Alphabet Chart

Today we became word scientists. We studied the alphabet chart and looked closely at the letters. We made scientific observations about the letters. We noticed that some upper case letters and lower cases do not look the same at all and some do. We noticed that some letters have lines and some have curves. We noticed lots of different things. We drew our favourite letter. Today we coloured a Nursery Rhyme book. You can read the rhymes with me. We love nursery rhymes. We played a fun numeracy game called Counting Crunchies. We used Froot Loops. The Gingerbread Man sent us an email and a gingerbread stuffie. He sent us a big gingerbread house. We had fun playing in the gingerbread house. It was a Gingy kind of day in Kindergarten.


Experimenting with Colour

Today we watched as our paint turned into different colours. We are making paper to use to make special trees. We talked about the letters K and X. We talked about the fact that we usually hear the x sound at the end of words. We are drawing and writing in our lifebooks. We are using the sounds we know to write our own words. We had fun doing Cosmic Yoga today. It was a cold cold day, but it was a warm day in Kindergarten.


Scarf Dance

We had so much fun in music today. We loved the scarf dance. We are practicing our Christmas song for the concert. We can hardly wait to perform for everyone. In the morning we talked about the letters Y and I. Y is a very hard sound to remember. We made up silly stories and practiced writing the letters. We practiced writing words in our lifebooks. We stretch out the sounds and listen for beginning, middle and end sounds. Mrs. Kitson read us a funny book about 47 beavers in the Deep Blue See. We are bringing home another nursery rhyme book. It is Row, Row, Row Your Boat. We love practicing our reading with our little books. We made cool star prints with shaving cream and water colour. It was a cold, cold day so we stayed in for recess. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


Looking for The Gingerbread Man

Today we went looking for The Gingerbread Man who got out of the oven on Monday. We asked lots of kids and teachers if they knew where he was. We could not find him. We were happy that all of the Gingerbread Men did not run away. We decorated and ate our cookies. They were yummy! We practiced reciting nursery rhymes in front of the class. You can ask me to recite a nursery rhyme for you. We are bringing home a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star book today. You can help me read it. We talked about the letters Q and U and how they are best friends. We made up silly stories with the letters. We played Fruit Basket in gym. It was a fruity day in Kindergarten.


Where Did The Gingerbread Man Go?

Today Mrs. Kitson read, The Gingerbread Man story. We made our own gingerbread men. We talked about all the ingredients and smelled all the different spices. We learned about where ginger root and cinnamon come from. We tasted molasses. Most of us did not like it. When we went to get our gingerbread cookies the big Gingerbread Man was gone. We didn't have time to look for him or even decorate and eat our cookies. We can't wait until Wednesday to eat our cookies. In the morning we read the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep. We made our own puppets. We can say the nursery rhyme for you.

Note From Mrs. Kitson

Your child has brought home different types of nursery rhymes. It would be a good idea to get a show box that they can keep the little books and puppets in. They can practice saying and reading the nursery rhymes. I will be sending home little books throughout the year. This is part of our home reading program.


Remembrance Day

Today we watched a Remembrance Day Service. We talked about being kind and being a good leader with our friends. We are learning different nursery rhymes. Today we made a mini Jack and Jill book. You can read it with me.

Teacher Note: Read the mini book with your child. Have your child point to each word when you read with them. An important early literacy skill is to be able to see individual words and know where to start reading.