Our Kindergarten Blog

2022-2023 KM


Cinderella's Castle

Today Mrs. Kitson read us two Cinderella stories. One story was the traditional story and one was called Cinderelephant. We talked about what was the same and what was different. We talked about the setting and the characters. Ask me about the stories. We practiced our letter sounds and we wrote an I like sentence in our lifebook. We clap the syllables, and listen for the sounds in each syllable. We know there is a vowel in each syllable. We use our alphabet chart and our vowel chart to help us. We brought those home to show you. We are starting to practice our printing. We should always start our letters from the top. We are practicing making our patterns and figuring out what comes next in a pattern. Today we talked about patterns with three elements. It was a lot harder. It was a Princess and Prince kind of day in Kindergarten.


The Shoe Maker Dance

Today we practiced our dances. We like dancing with our partners. In the morning we talked about the parts of a fairy tale. We talked about what a setting is. Ask me what that means. We drew a setting in our lifebook. Most of us drew a house in the woods. Mrs. Kitson read us, Little Red Riding Hood. In the house center we dressed up like the characters in the story. We are practicing our rhyming. We repeat two words that Mrs. Kitson says and put our thumbs up if they rhyme. I can practice this at home. We made different patterns with two elements. Ask me to make you a pattern at home.

A Note from Mrs. Kitson

I have sent home a package of assessment material and a note outlnng changes in kindergarten dates. If you have any questions please email me.


Making Patterns

Today we talked about patterns. We talked about the word element. We counted the number of elements in our pattern. We talked about how an AB pattern has two elements. We made different patterns with two elements. We can make an ABBABB. and AABBAABB pattern. Ask me to make you a pattern at home. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Dusty Locks and the Three Bears. We really liked the book. Ask me what was different about this book. In the gym we did the Kinderpolka, The Seven Jumps and The shoemaker dance. I can dance with you at home. We had a fun day in kindergarten.


Playing around with Sounds

Today we played with sounds. We play with sounds everyday when we clap the syllables in words, write the sounds we hear in our lifebooks and play alphabet games. We also play games listening for beginning and ending sounds. I can practice my letters and sounds at home too. Mrs. Kitson read us the books, Snow Bears by Jan Brett and, Goldie Locks has Chicken Pox, by Erin Dealey. We compared the original Three Bears story with these new stories. Ask me to re-tell one of the stories. We talked about AB patterns. We also talked about patterns that have three elements. We learned we use ABC to talk about those patterns. We had lots of fun playing in the Maker Space and playing outside. It was a fun day in kindergarten.


Pyjama Day

Today we had a special pyjama day. Gingy sent us an email. He asked us to design a pair of pyjamas for him. He said he like patterns. We made our own paper pyjamas. We made patterns on our pyjamas. Ask me to make you a pattern at home. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The Cat's Pyjamas. We danced to pyjamrama. We listend to Robert Munsch's book, Pyjama Day. Mrs. Kitson also read us The Napping House. We learned many new words for the word sleeping. We are bringing home our own puppets so we can retell the story for you. It was a dozing, slumbering, snoozing and snoring kind of day in kindergarten


Science Magic

Today we joined the whole school in the gymnasium to learn about Science. It was so much fun. We saw lots of things blow up and the scientist even made fire. He even made a sonic boom. We made sure we covered our ears.