Our Kindergarten Blog

2022-2023 KM


Sunflower Season

Today we looked closely at sunflowers. We learned about a famous artist named Vincent van Gogh. We listened to the story, Camille and the Sunflowers. Ask me about the story. We watched a video with lots of his pictures. It was called Starry, Starry Night. We painted our own sunflower pictures. We are all artists. We talked about the letter B. Mrs. Kitson told us a funny story with lots of b words. We told our own stories with the letter tubs at center time. We built letters out of pattern blocks and wrote letters to our friends. We made towers of 10 and broke our towers apart and talked about how you can make 10 in different ways. We had a fun day in kindergarten.


Strathcona Wilderness Center

Today both Kindergarten classes went of a field trip to The Strathcona Wilderness Center. The children learned about local wildlife, the changing seasons and spent the day discovering the wonders of mother nature. In the afternoon the children worked together to make fairy houses. It was a warm and wonderful day in Kindergarten.

A big thank you goes out to all the wonderful volunteers! The field trip was a great success due to your involvement.

I am unable to put up the group picture until I get the information regarding the FOIP form that you would have signed on your parent portal. If you did not sign this form I am unable to put a picture of your child on the website. The office will be giving me this information soon.


Terry Fox

Today we learned about Terry Fox. He was a very special person. He is a hero! We went to the gym and watched a video about him. Mrs. Kitson also showed us a book that his best friend wrote about him, The name of the book is Terry Fox and Me. Our grade six buddies walked with us through the trail. They were very nice. In the morning we had fun playing alphabet games. It was a great day in kindergarten.


Stone Soup

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Stone Soup. by Jon Muth. Ask me about the story. We made our own soup out of the vegetables in our garden. We harvested beets, turnips, carrots ,beans, tomatoes and corn. We practiced our sounds. We can practice these sounds at home: M,N,S,T,R,A,L. We started to make words with these letters. We learned about Terry Fox. You can still send in your donations to the school. We had a picnic outside today. It was a beautiful day for a picnic. We went to The Maker Space for Wondertime. It was a great day in Kindergarten.


Nature Prints

Today we went out to the forest. We went for a nature walk. We noticed all the different colours in the forest. We collected flowers and leaves from our garden and from the forest. We made nature prints. We used hammers to make our prints. It was lots of fun. We talk about letters every morning. We are looking at the beginning letters in our names. We have talked about the letters: M,N,S,T,R and A. We take our time and notice how we make the sounds with our tongue, teeth and lips. We can look for these letters and practice our sounds at home. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


Tomato Harvest

Today we harvested the tomatoes. There are lots of green tomatoes. We will be watching the tomatoes turn red. We wonder how much time it will take.

Library: We will be taking books out everyday. It is a good routine to have your child bring back their book everyday. They will take out a book even if they have not returned a book.