Welcome to Fultonvale Kindergarten

Before the first day of school I will be phoning you to talk about the first day of school and any concerns or information you would like to share about your child. Remember it is a staggered entry. The first day your child will attend will be indicated on the information sheet you have received in your kindergarten package. If you do not have that information feel free to phone the school office:780-922-3058.

Field Trips and Special Days

We will be going on our first field trip on Friday, September 29. Both Kindergarten classes will attend together. Please refer to The Fultonvale calendar for the kindergarten dates. There will be changes made to The Elk Island calendar to accommodate field trips, interview days and special activity days. I will give as much notice as I can before these changes will occur. Pictures will be taken on Thursday September 7 for the KT class (Tuesday/Thursday) and Friday September 8 for the KM class (Monday/Wednesday)


Communication will be primarily through my daily blog on my website. I will occasionally be sending home paper copies of important information. In order for your child's picture to appear on the blog you need to fill out the consent form on your parent portal. You will find a variety of resources and information on my website including The new Kindergarten curriculum, a link to the Fultonvale calendar and a resource page. ( There are two kindergarten classes. KM refers to the students that attend on Monday/Wednesday and some fridays. The KT refers to the students that attend on Tuesday/Thursday and some fridays.

Permission Clicks

All field trip forms will be sent through Permission Clicks. These forms will be signed on line. It is important that these forms are signed. If the form is not signed your child will not be able to attend the field trip. The first two permission click forms you will be receiving are for The Strathcona Wilderness Center and The Forest Trails.


If your child is going to be absent please email the attendance line: ftvattendance@eipsca, and my email,

September Morning Meeting Place

For the month of September those parents driving their children will meet me at The small playpark by The Olympiette Center. The children on the bus will meet me at the front of the school and I will walk them to the playpark. In October the children will all line up in front of the school in the line for Kindergarten.

The Classroom Environment

The kindergarten environment is carefully and thoughtfully arranged in order to engage the children. It is important that the classroom be a direct reflection of the children. In order to achieve this goal I would like to ask that you send in picture of your family that can be displayed in the hallway outside of the classroom.

Show and Tell

During the month of September your child can bring an item from nature. Your child has the choice to leave the item at school to add to our nature display or take it home. The item will not be handled by the other children

Over the next 2 months we will be getting to know each other and learning how we are all unique. We will be talking about how we all contribute to our classroom community.

Establishing Routines

During the month of September I will be letting the children get used to the routines of Kindergarten. We also will be spending a lot of time outside. Dressing for the changing weather will be important.

Kanga Pouches

Snacks and lunch

Please send two snacks and a lunch daily. We recycle in Kindergarten. All leftover food items will be sent home. Please send nut free snacks and treats. Please send a water bottle everyday. Please label your child's water bottle, and lunch kit.


The Kindergarten children that are taking the bus should have their bus tag with their bus # and name attached to their backpack. I will be out in front of the school to greet the children. At the end of the school day I will be taking the children out to the buses before the general population.

It is very important to inform the school if your child is not going to take the bus home. If I do not receive a note or a message from the office I will need to put your child on the bus. For those parents that are driving to school please do not park in front of the school. This area is designated for the school buses. Please refer to the bus and drop off map on The School website.

Backpacks and Labeling

Make sure to send your child with a large backpack to accommodate large library books. Please label all shoes, boots,coats and mittens. We often have identical items.

Dressing for Learning

Please do not send your child in flip flops, crocs or fancy shoes. It is important that they wear running shoes as we will be doing physical activities both inside and outside of the school. There are often accidents in Kindergarten. Please place a change of clothing: sweat pants, underwear, socks and a t-shirt in a labeled ziplock bag. The bag will be kept in your child's backpack. We will be spending a lot of time outdoors please send your child dressed for the weather.

September Curriculum Connections

  • Begin our Nature study
  • Commence our unit “I am Unique!” and key on getting to know our classmates and school community
  • Discuss safety and discuss ways to care for ourselves, our classmates and our classroom
  • Focus on the early numeracy skills (number sense and sorting)
  • Focus on drawing, recording and telling about experiences through daily writing and drawing.
  • Listen and respond to a variety of texts centering on getting to know our class community.