Our Kindergarten Blog

2023-2024 KT


Rainbow Crow

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the story of Rainbow Crow. Ask me why a crow is black and why he has shimmering colours. We drew our own rainbow crow. We practiced making different patterns and we are bringing home a new book. Please read it with me. Gingy sent us an email. He sent us a treat and said he had been on an adventure. We wonder where he went. We had a rainbow kind of day in Kindergarten.


Planting our Garden

Today we learned about The Three Sister's Garden. Ask me what seeds are in a Three Sisters garden. We planted our own Three Sisters Garden. We are starting to Learn about The Grandfather Teachings. We talked about the buffalo today. It stands for respect. We talked about what respect looks like. We had fun working with a Metis artist. We made beautiful trees. It was a wonderful planting and artful day in Kindergarten.


Playing School

Today we talked about the environment. Mrs. B read us the story, Places of Power. It was a story about how the indigenous people valued Mother Earth. We talked about our favourite place to go in nature. We drew our own natural environments. We watched a video about how we can take care of our planet. We are bringing home a new book. We like reading our books at home. We practiced translating patterns with unifix cubes and we wrote in our lifebooks. We are excited to show something special to our families on our Kindergarten Celebration Day on June 20th. We always have the most fun at Wondertime. It was a lovely day in Kindergarten.


Barbara Reid

Today we learned about the author/artist,Barbara Reid. She makes pictures out of plasticine. We made our own plasticine pictures in CD cases with Mrs. DeHaan. In the morning we practiced rhyming, wrote in our lifebooks and practiced reading our new little book. You can help me read the book when I get home. It was a nice day to play outside. We had a artsy day in Kindergarten


Safety City

Today we went with our friends in the other kindergarten class to Safety City. We learned about the 7 Safety Steps. Ask me about the steps. It was rainy and windy but we loved driving the quads. We also learned all about fire safety. Ask me what I learned.

A big thank you to all the wonderful parent volunteers. You are the best!!!!!


Print Making

Today we were so lucky. We did print making with Mrs. DeHaan. It was so much fun! In the morning we practiced writing the word at in our beach book. We practiced our subitizing skills matching dogs to dog houses. We are bringing home a special Mother's Day present. Tomrorrow is our field trip. It may be raining so Mrs. Kitson said to dress warm with rain gear. Bringing mittens or gloves would be a good idea.