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2023-2024 KT


Terry Fox

Today we learned about The Canadian Hero, Terry Fox. We learned how brave and kind he was. We learned how he never gave up and he did so much for other people.We went on our own Terry Fox Run. We kept running even though it was hard, just like Terry Fox. We learned about ten frames today. We are practicing counting. We practicing listening for sounds. We talked about rhyming today. We repeated rhymes with Mrs. Kitson.

Teacher Note: Playing rhyming games at home is a fun early literacy skill to practice.


Counting Backwards

Today we practiced counting. We counted objects and matched the number of objects with the numeral. We practiced counting forward and backwards from 10. At the end of Kindergarten we should be able to count backwards starting at any number. We went to the library and picked out a book. When we bring back our book we can sign out another book. We will be able to take out books everyday. We looked closely at our garden carrots. We looked at the shapes and lines of the carrot. We drew the carrot in our lifebook and copied the word. We played Listening Larry. We are practicing listening to the beginning and ending sounds in words. We had fun in music. Ask me what we did. It was a number 10 day in kIndergarten.

Teacher Note: Reminder: The Welcome Barbeque is on Thursday September 21 from 5-7 p.m.

Terry Fox Run: We will be having our own Kindergarten Terry Fox Run on Thursday September 21. Information regarding donations have been sent home and can also be found on our school website.


Picking Carrots

Today we picked carrots from the school garden. We made carrot muffins. We learned where cinnamon comes from. We watched a video book on the smartboard. It was called The carrot Seed. We went for a Nature Walk in the forest. We looked for all the different coloured leaves and we made a colourful design with the leaves. Our playground has new sand. We had fun playing with shovels and buckets in the new big sandbox. It was a delicious day in Kindergarten.


Going for a Picture Walk

Today we matched numerals with pictures of objects. We worked with a partner. We are bringing home a math game we played. It was a fun dice game. Mrs. Kitson talked to us about firedrills. We practiced our fire drill. Mrs. Kitson read us the book,

A Small Kindnesss. Ask me about the book. We first did a picture walk and looked closely at the pictures. We talked about what we noticed. It is fun to do a picture walk before we read the story. We practiced telling stories by doing a picture walk with our partner. In the morning we talked about fire drills. We practiced in the morning. In the afternoon we had a real fire drill. Mr. Spady said we did very well. We had lots of fun at Wondertime. We had a great day in Kindergarten.


Building at The Story Table

Today we talked about the word mathematics. We will be learning about numbers, patterns, and shapes. In the morning we worked with a partner and matched pictures of objects with numerals. We practiced counting up to 10. We need to remember to touch each object when we are counting. We talked about the letter J. We have two friends that have the letter J at the beginning of their names. We practice clapping names , cheering for the names. and counting the letters in our friends' names. We also pay close attention to how our mouths move for the sounds. We started writing in our lifebooks. We made a picture on the cover and wrote our names. We will be working on writing our name , using a capital letter at the beginning and lower case letters for the rest of our name. We had lots of fun in the gym playing movement games and dances. In the afternoon we played in both classes. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


Our First Day with all of Our Friends

Today we met all the children in KM Kindergarten. We played the name game, Jack be Nimble. We all had turns jumping over the candlestick. We listened to the story, Chrysanthemum, by Kevin Henkes. Ask me about the story. We are learning the letters of the alphabet by studying everyone's name. We listen with our ears and our eyes. We pay attention to how we make the sounds with our mouth and our tongues. We also look at the shape of the letter. We talked about the letter S today. Mrs. Kitson told a funny S story with her sound box. We will be playing Listening Larry everyday. We will be listening for sounds and clapping syllables. We talked about what math is and we played with the math boxes. We had fun in the gym. We are learning the gym rules and practicing moving safely in the gymnasium. In the afternoon we had lots of fun at wondertime. It was a silly S day in Kindergarten.

Teacher Note: Reciting Nursery rhymes builds foundational literacy skills. Rhyming is one of the skills that we will be working on throughout the year. Making up silly stories concentrating on one beginning sound is a fun way to build on beginning sound knowledge.

Field Trips: Please fill out the field trip forms as soon as possible. I would like to take the children out into the forest but I cannot until everyone has filled out the form. If you want to volunteer for The Wilderness Center field trip I will be taking all volunteers that sign up.

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