Our Kindergarten Blog

2023-2024 KT


Painting with Water Colour

Today we used water colours to paint beautiful pictures. We talked about the five senses. We pretended we were inside our paintings. Mrs. Kitson asked us what we saw, smelled, tasted, heard and touched inside our painting. We used our imagination . We learned many new words to describe the five senses. We are bringing home a 5 senses book. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The Magical Garden of Claude Monet. He painted beautiful paintings. It We had a painting kind of day in Kindergarten.


Having Fun with Lines and Shapes

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The Straight Line Wonder, by Mem Fox. It was a very funny book. We talked about lines and shapes. We made our own artistic masterpieces. We are very proud of our art. We gave a title to our pictures. We are bringing home another book to read. It is great practice to re-read our books. We practiced counting and subitizing when we played a math game where we built city towers. We played with the pickle ball bats in gym. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


The Little Red Hen

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The Little Red Hen. We used a mortar and pestle to try to grind the wheat. Mrs. D came in and ground the wheat for us. It was really cool and loud. It was nice of her to come and help us. We made buns. We also made butter. Ask me how we did it.+ We watched a different video story about The Little Red Hen. We talked about what was different and what was the same about the stories. Mrs. Kitson also read us the book, The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza .Ask me about the stories. We are bringing home The Little Red Hen book. It has a lot of words so you can read it to us. We can read the part that repeats. We like making voices for the characters in the book. We are also bringing home a sequence sheet. We played two fun numeracy games. We are learning how to play fair and how to win and lose.


The Egg Hunt

Today we went on an egg hunt. It was nice to walk in the woods. Two golden eggs were hidden in the forest. Two of our friends turned in the eggs and received a chocolate bunny. We all had a chocolate treat. In the morning we practiced reading our little books. We read books with the vowels, a, e , i , o and u. We are bringing home the book, Rub a Dub. Mrs. Kitson said it is really good to re-read our little books. We made words on our own white boards. We listened for beginning and ending sounds and listened carefully for the vowel sounds. We met a new Kimochi. Her name is Huggtapus. Ask me about our new friend.


Making a Marble Maxe

Today we made our own marble maze. We talked about the different ways to make things move. We talked about what things move when you push and what things move when you pull. We talked about the vowel sound, O. We are bringing home a litlle book. We like to read our books to you at home. We played a math game. We continue to practice subitizing.


Larry, The Late Leprechaun and The Gingerbread Man

Today Gingy sent us an email and told us his leprechaun friend, Larry was late coming to our classroom. He was busy playing with some of Gingy's friends. He left gold coins all over the floor in The Maker Space. He messed up the Maker Space too. He sent us a funny book about a leprechaun that got lost in the school. He also sent us a special treat. We had fun working on special St. Patrick's day book. It was a happy green day in KIndergarten.