Our Kindergarten Blog

2023-2024 KT


The Mitten

Today Mrs. Kitson read us, The MItten. by Jann Brett. We acted out the book. It was so funny! We are bringing home our own Mitten book to put in our reading box. We circled the snap words, in, the and was. We played a new subitizing game. We are getting really good at seeing the numbers up to 5 without counting. We saw a video about Jann Brett. She is a very good artist and story teller. We had lots of fun in music. Ask me what I did. It was a funny day in Kindergarten.


How do Animals Move

Today we talked about why and how animals move. We played animal charades. We also drew a picture of an animal and talked about how our animal moves. We practiced subitizing and played a game called Subitizing station. Gingy wrote us an email. We practiced sounding out the words and reading the snap words in his message. We wrote in our lifebooks. We are clapping the syllables and stretching out the sounds to write words. We are also copying our snap words. We are bringing home a new book, Pets. We are trying hard to blend the sounds to read the words in our little books. We are proud of our growing reading skills. In the afternoon Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Oopsie Doo. The author wrote a song called Oopsie Do. Ask me about the book. It was a lovely day in Kindergarten.


For the Love of Movement

Today we talked about why humans move. We talked about how sometimes we move just for fun. We made our own ribbon sticks. We made up our own ribbon dance. Mrs. Kitson read us a story about indigenous dancing. We watched a video about how they tell a story through dance. We also used scarves to dance in Music class today. We are bringing home a new book. We are practicing blending letter sounds to read words. I like re-reading my books at home. We are working in our lifebooks. We are clapping syllables and writing the sounds we hear. We like telling our stories in our lifebooks. It was a dancing kind of day in KIndergarten.


Home on The Range

We have a cowboy house in the classroom. We like dressing up in the cowboy boots, and cowboy hats. We made some delicious vittles. In the morning Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The Napping House. Ask me to retell you the story with my puppets. We practiced making the number 10 with two sided coins. We continue to practice our subitizing skills. We had fun in the gym. We practiced playing catch. We had to throw the balls over the badminton nets. At the end of the day, Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The Interupting Chicken. It was really funny. Ask me about the book. It was a cluck cluck day in KIndergarten.


Cooperative Games

Today we practiced blending our sounds to sound out words. We are taking home a sheet we practiced writing at and am words. We are also bringing home the book, My Cat. Help me point to the words and blend the sounds in the words. We also circled the snap word my, like and I. We like re-reading our little books. These books are our home reading books. In Science we are learning about the big concept of Energy. We talked about things that move and do not move. In the afternoon we watched a live virtual farm and food tour. We learned about big farm machinery. At the end of the day we played games. Mrs. Kitson said we played very well together. We showed our cooperation skills. It was a cold but playful day in Kindergarten.


The Vet is In

Today we played in The Vet Clinic. We looked after many different animals. In the morning we talked about Pink Shirt Day. It was yesterday but Mrs. Kitson wanted to talk to us about it. We learned how Pink Shirt Day started. We talked about how we can show kindness. In the morning we drew names and worked cooperatively putting together puzzles with one of our classmates that we usually don't play with. Mrs. Kitson talked about how it is good to get to know different children in our class so we can learn how we can have a strong school community. Mrs. Kitson read the book, What if Bunny's Not a Bully. Ask me about the book. We had a sweet treat from a friend in our class. It was a sweet and kind day in Kindergarten.