Our Kindergarten Blog

2023-2024 KT


Little Red Riding Hood

Mrs. KItson is reading us different versions of the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Today she read us, Little Red Gliding Hood. Ask me about the book. The Gingerbread man sent us an email. He sent us his favourite fairy tale.. Mrs. Kitson read us his story. It was the book, Little Red Gliding Hood. Ask me about the book. He sent us character cards. We actied out LIttle Red Riding Hood. It was lots of fun. We are bringing home our own little Red Riding Hood book. We are learning the snap words, the ,I and am. We talked about patterns and made our own unifix patterns on paper, We met Cloud today. He is one of the kimochis. Ask me about Cloud. He told us it is okay to mad, but you can't be mean. We had a cloudy kind of day in Kindergarten.


We Love Library Time

Today we talked about the letter V. We need to practice all our letters and sounds. We do this everyday in school. We are bringing home another book. Can you help me blend the sounds to read the words. There are a few snap words in our book. We made patterns and then we made music with our patterns. We clapped, slapped and stomped our patterns. We can make a musical pattern at home. Mrs, Kitson read us the book, Little Red Hot,by by Erik A. Kimmel.. Ask me about the book. We learned more about Lovey, Dovey. We learned that she is friendly. We talked about ways we show that we are friendly. It was a friendly day at school.


The Sense of Taste

Today we talked about the sense of taste. We went to The Kinder Cafe. We tasted sour, sweet, salty, bitter and even umami . Can you guess what I tasted. We talked about patterns. We made patterns with out math boxes. We are starting to sound out words in our lifebooks. We are clapping the syllables and stretching out the sounds. The Gingerbread Man sent us an email. He said he made his own reading box and that he was learning the same snap words. We looked for words in his message. The snap words are words we should be able to read in a snap. The words we are learning are: the, of, and, a, to, it, in is, you, that and it. We had a fun day in KIndergarten but we were able to go outside. We were so happy. Mrs. Kitson gave us hot chocolate and marshmallows when we came in. It was a sweet, umami, sour, salty and bitter day in Kindergarten.


Fairy Tale Fun

It was a very cold day today so we had a very small class. We wrote words in our lifebooks. We are clapping the syllables in words and stretching out the sounds. We are working on our weaving. We watched a video about the indigenous people used different natural materials in their weavings. Mrs. Kitson said it will take persistence to finish our blankets. She asked us who we learned about at the beginning of the year that showed persistence. We remembered how Terry Fox perservered. We are taking home our reading boxes. There are two notes about reading in Kindergarten. We will bringing home different little books throughout the year we should keep them in our box and re-read them.If we didn't bring a box to school we can decorate one at home. We talked about patterns and made patterns with our math box. We played a drawing game, making our own unique snowflake. It was so cold outside that we stayed in all day. We did yoga in the classroom.We had fun at Wondertime playing in the castle.It was a cold but fun day in Kindergarten.


Making our Reading Boxes

Today was our first day back after the holidays. We were so excited to see all of our friends. We are learning about FairyTales. The first Fairy Tale Mrs. Kitson read to us was, The Three little Pigs. We talked about how there are many different versions of the same story. We talked about the 5 senses. We learned about the word texture. We did a texture scavenger hunt in the classroom . We found things that were: bumpy, gooey, sticky, smooth, and soft. We learned many other texture words. We learned about our skin and how the sense of touch is very important. We learned a big word for skin. Ask me what the big word is. We reviewed our letters and talked about the vowel e. We are practicing our vowel sounds. We started decorating our reading boxes.We had lots of fun at Wondertime. We now have a castle in the classroom. It was a cold but we felt warm playing with our friends.

Teacher Note: If you have not already done so, you can still send in a box to be decorated.


Water Colour Trees

Today we used water colour paints to paint our beautiful trees. We experimented with mixing colours together. The Gingerbread Man sent us the book, The Gingerbread Cowboy. Ask me about the book. Ask me what a javelina is. We had a Giddy Up Day in Kindergarten.