Our Kindergarten Blog

2023-2024 KT


Lovey Dovey and Turtle Dove

Today we met Lovey Dovey and her baby, Turtle Dove. Lovey Dovey is going to teach us about our feelings. We learned that she likes to be a nurturer. We learned that it means she likes to take care of her friends and family. We played a fun game with the power of 10 cards. We practiced saying, more or less or equal. The Gingerbread man sent us an email. He said he wants to learn how to read just like us.


The Polar Express

Today Mrs. Kitson read The Polar Express. We drank hot chocolate and ate nougat. We loved the story. We are bringing home our own trains. The Gingerbread Man sent us a goodie bag. In the bag there was a bell. We believe in Santa Claus. Mrs. Kitson said she can still hear the bell. We had lots of fun sharing our stuffies and we had a picnic. Mrs. Kitson was so busy she forgot to take a picture of us on the train. In the afternoon we watched part of a movie and had a popcorn. It was a delicious kind of day in Kindergarten. Happy Holidays!!


That Smells Good That Smells Bad

Today we talked about The five senses. Mrs.Kitson showed us the book, Something Smells, by Blake Hellman. Ask me about the book. We had fun smelling different scents. Some of us liked the smells some of us didn't. We talked about what are favourite smells are. Ask me what my favourite smell is. In the morning the junior High elves made us pancakes. We are so lucky to have junior high friends. We talked about different endings for The Gingerbread Man story. They were very funny. Can you come up with a different ending for the story? We had a fun day in kindergarten.


Christmas Time Memories

I was so proud of our KIndergarten Rock Stars. A big thank you to all the talented guitar makers out there. It was a memorable night. Today we made a paper chain that we can count down the sleeps til Christmas. We also made an ice cream cone tree. The Gingerbread Man sent us an email. We are starting to look for words in his message. The first word we were looking for is YOU. It is a word that we have to memorize. It was a sweet day in Kindergarten.


All together for Christmas

It was a busy day in Kindergarten. We practiced and practiced! Mrs. Kitson said we were rock stars!!!! It was so much fun to meet new friends. It was a rocking good time in Kindergarten.


Happy Hanukkah

Today The Gingerbread Man sent us an email. He also sent us books about Hanukkah and chocolate gelt. Ask me what gelt is. We coloured a Hanukkah book and played Dreidel races, a math dice game. Mrs. Kitson taught us how to play the Dreidel game. We each receive chocolate gelt. We made potato latkes. We ate them with apple sauce. We had fun watching We danced the Hora at the end of the day .It was a fun day in kindergarten.