Our Kindergarten Blog

2023-2024 KT


Making Gingerbread Men

Today we had lots of fun at wondertime. Some of us made gingerbread men. In the morning Mrs. Kitson showed us an email The Gingerbread Man sent. He said he had fun running around the school and meeting children. He did not tell us where he is now. He sent us a gingerbread man stuffy. It was funny because he was a chef gingerbread man. We practiced our letter sounds and made words with the vowel a. We noticed that GingerbreadMAN is a letter we could make. We could write man. We practiced printing other words with "an". We are bringing home a Gingerbread man book. We can practice reading the "an" words. You can read the chant with me. We practiced subitizing. (seeing a number without counting). We are learning to group objects together so we don't have to always count. We played a gingerbread subitizing game. We had a gingy kind of day in Kindergarten.

Teacher Note: We will be taking out rhyming books on Mondays and Learn about the world books on Wednesdays.


Where Did The Gingerbread Man Go?

Today Mrs. Kitson read us two different Gingerbread Man stories. We talked about how they were the same and how they were different from each other. We made our own gingerbread dough and cut out our own cookies. Mrs.Kitson made a big gingerbread cookie to share with Mrs. C. In the afternoon we went to get our cookies out of the oven and the big one was gone. We searched all over the school , but we couldn't find the gingerbread cookie. At the end of the day we decorated our cookies. They were yummy. It was a mysterious and delicious day in Kindergarten.


Jack and Jill

Today we practiced the Nursery Rhyme, Jack and Jill. We made stick puppets. We put them in order and retold the Nursery Rhyme. Ask me to tell you the nursery rhyme. You can help me. We talked about science today. We are learning about the five senses. Today we talked about the sense of hearing. We listened to sounds and tried to guess what the sounds were. We listened to music and drew shapes and lines to the music. We talked about the new vowel "i" . We payed close attention to how our mouths look when we make the sound for I. It makes two sounds . Ask me what they are. We made words on the smartboard. We blended the sounds to make three letter words with the vowel "i". We had lots of fun playing in the Maker Space. It was a fun day in KIndergarten.


Welcome Back

It was fun to be back and see all of our friends. In the morning we had a sharing circle and talked about what we did over the November break. We reviewed our letter sounds and we talked about the new letter "R" We talked about that the letter does not say "ER".It says "rrrrrrrr". ER sais ER! We are starting to blend letters to make words. We made words like cat, Sam and jam. We practiced making words with letter stamps. We are practicing listening for the sounds in words. We are getting really good at hearing beginning and ending sounds. We can practice making words and listening for sounds at home. We talked about the number 5. We made 5 in different ways. Do you know the different ways to make 5. Mrs.Kitson challenged us because we could not figure out the last way to make 5. Ask me to make 5 with you at home. We had fun playing in The Maker Space. We are building such great structures. It was a wonderful first day back to school.

Teacher Note: You should have received the Eye Assessment in your child's kanga pouch. Email me if you did not receive it.

Scholastic Book Orders. I will send home the Scholastic Book Orders on Thursday. They will be due on Friday, November 23. If you want these books for Christmas send me an email and I will keep the books for you.


We Will Remember

Today the children went to The Remembrance Day Service. It was an hour long. They were exceptionally respectful as they listened to the service.


Lets Make Words

Today we reviewed the letters: s,t,j,p,m,c,d and a. We talked about the new letter H. We made three letter words with these letters. We made sure the vowel; A was in the middle of the word. You can help me make three letter words at home. We are learning to blend the sounds together. We are bringing home an H sheet and we tried to stamp our own words. We had lots of fun at Wondertime.