Our Kindergarten Blog

2023-2024 KT


Bus Safety, Elwood the Elk

Today we learned about bus safety. Elwood the Elk came to our school to talk to us about the danger zone and how to get off the back of the bus in case of an emergency. We went outside and practiced on a real bus. In the morning we practiced writing our letters: s,j,t,m and p. We have to remember to start our letters from the top. S is very tricky. We are practicing listening for beginning and ending sounds in the words we hear. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The Sharing Circle, by Teresa Corky and Larsen Jonasson. We have our own classroom talking stick. We will be having sharing circles to share our stories, solve problems and learn about ourselves and the world. It was a busy bus day in kindergarten.


Pajama Day

Today it was pajama day at school. We danced to Pyjamarama in the gym. In the morning Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Circus Shapes. We talked about all of the different shapes in the book. We talked about how we could use these shapes to draw our ownn pictures in our lifebook. We drew lots of different things using these shapes. We had fun playing the power of 10 game with our friends. We Practiced printing the letters: s, j, t,p, and M. Ask me where we start our letters. Mrs. Kitson told us a funny story about a moose and a mouse. We can make up our own funny story at home. Ask me to help you make a m story. We picked the beets out of the garden. We wonder what we are going to make out of beets. It was a windy and wonderful day in Kindergarten.


Playing in The Fire House

Today we went to the garden and dug up the potatoes. There were lots of potatoes. We will be cooking with the potatoes soon. We listened to the book, Potato Joe. We had a special guest reader today. She read us a book about Giants. Ask me about the book. We reviewed the letters; s, j, and t. We talked about the letter P. We looked at how j and t are similar. Mrs. Kitson told us a funny P story. We helped her come up with p words and p names. We worked in our lifebooks. We like to draw and tell our own stories. In the afternoon we went to the library. We took out books. We can have two books out at a time. If we have two books at home we can't take a new book out until we return one or both of the books. It was a fun day in kindergarten.


Strathcona Wilderness Center

The rain held and we had a wonderful trip to Strathcona Wilderness Center. The children were engaged in many outdoor activities. They looked for colours in the for. They looked for colours in the forest, went on a scavenger hunt, and built fairy houses. A big thank you to all the volunteers. We could not have done it without you!!!


Water Time Fun

Today we practiced counting with our own power of 10 trays. We are starting to notice different ways to see numbers. We played the power of 10 game with a partner. We practiced writing the letters S and J. S is very tricky. We danced to the song Where do we Start our Letters, From the Top. We talked about the letter T and looked at our friends' names that started with the letter T. We looked at beautiful paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Miss Spiders's ABC's. We had lots of fun at Wondertime. It was a splish splash kind of day.


Sunny Sunflowers

Today we picked sunflowers from our garden. We looked closely at the shapes and lines of the sunflower. We used special pastels to draw our sunflowers. We learned about the artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Mrs. Kitson read us the story, Van Gogh and the Sunflowers. We looked at beautiful paintings that Vincent had painted. We liked his art. We had lots of fun taking our time and drawing our sunflowers. We practiced matching the numbers on a dice and filling in different numerals on leaves. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, One Fox A Counting Book Thriller. Ask me about the book. We had fun at wondertime, building and playing in the firetruck. It was a sunny sunflower kind of day in KIndergarten.