Our Kindergarten Blog

2023-2024 KT


Halloween Fun and Games

Today we had our Halloween Party. We played ghost bowling, Spider Racing, Eyeball racing and we made lots of crafts. We made a popcorn hand, a witche's broom, a ghost and lots of other fun crafts. We played Bite the Marshmallow and decorated a yummy cookie. We had special cupcakes for snack. It was a super fun day in Kindergarten. A big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers. We could not have this party without you.


You Say Potato, I saw Potato

Today we made French fries and ketchup with potatoes and tomatoes from the garden. We watched a video story book called, The Couch Potato. We learned how potatos are grown and harvested. We guessed what ingredients are in ketchup. We guessed, tomatoes, salt, and sugar. We were right. Ask me what else we put in the ketchup. We are bringing home a special potato pet and our potato family drawing. It was a fine french fry kind of day in Kindergarten.


Firebird Fun Run

Today we went on The Firebird Fun Run. At the end of the run we met up with The Firebird and got a special treat. In the morning we learned about the pileated woodpecker. We think our firebird looks like a woodpecker. Mrs.Kitson read us the book, Stellaluna. It was about a special bat that learned to be a bird. Ask me about the book. We made our own bats. It was lots of work cutting out all of the shapes. It was a special kind of bird day in kindergarten


Goodbye Garden

Today we practiced writing our numbers to 10. We played a math game called bump it. We have to match the number of objects with the numeral on a dice. Ask me why it is called Bump it. We graphed unifix cubes. We practiced our letters and we talked about our new letter L. We can now make words with the letters we have learned. At home I can practice these letters:: S< T<J<P<M<D>A and L. If we know the letters and sounds we can start to blend the sounds together and make words. In the afternoon we cleaned up the garden. We pulled out the corn stalks. We found beans in the garden. We can plant them this spring.It was a grateful garden day in KIndergarten.


Lovely Leaves

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Red Leaf , Yellow Leaf, by Lois Ehlert. We talked about all the colours of the leaves. We looked closely at the veins in leaves. We looked at our own veins and talked about how veins bring nutrients and water to the leaves and plant. We made our own leaves with pastels and we painted with water colours. They we are all unique, just like us. We reviewed the letters; s,t,j,m,d,p and we talked about the new letter a. Ask me what two sounds a makes. We also learned that it is called a vowel. We noticed that many of us have a's in our names. It was a colourful day in kindergarten.


Bug Detectives

Today we had lots of fun playing with the insects. We have big spiders and lots of little bugs.