Our Kindergarten Blog

2022-2023 KM


Tasting Time

Today Mrs. Kitson made fried potatoes from our garden. We ate our potatoes with the ketchup we made out of our garden vegetables. We talked about our five senses. Ask me what they are. We practiced writing words with the letters we have learned. We like to work on our little whiteboards. We listened to the story, The Little Old Lady that Swallowed a Bat. We talked about putting the story in sequence. We put the story in the correct order. After reading a story to you I can retell the story in the right order. In music we are dancing and singing Halloween songs. Here is a playlist from Mrs. Driedger. It was a delicious day in Kindergarten.


Sharing our Talents

Today we had lots of fun learning Hip Hop moves from our kindergarten friend. We are learning how we are all unique. We all have different talents. We continue to practice learning our letter sounds. We are learning our sounds by studying our friends' names. We clap our names, listen for beginning sound and look at the shapes of the letters. We like to make up stories with the letter we are learning. Today our letter was J. We listened to the story, Room on the Broom. We put the story in the correct sequence. I can practice retelling the stories you read to me at bedtime. We played a silly spider dice game and made our own Room on the Broom stories. It was a witchy kind of day in Kindergarten.


Can't Believe we are having a Picnic

Today it was so nice outside. We had a picnic. We went to the garden and picked potatoes. We made ketchup. We used our sense of smell to guess what spices we were putting into our ketchup. Some of us liked the scents. Some of us did not like the smell of the spices. We all agreed we did not like the smell of apple cider vinegar. Next week will be cooking something to go with our ketchup. Can you guess what it is?


Harvest Time

Today we cleaned up the garden. We picked all the carrots, tomatillos, beans, corn and turnips. We all worked together to get the garden ready for next year. In the morning Mrs. Kitson read us the book, 10 for Dinner. We looked at different ways to make a 10 number story. We made our own number story in our notebooks. We reviewed our letter sounds. We practice making the right movement with our mouths and tongues. Mrs. Kitson told us a funny ghost story. You can make stories up with us at home. Her story had lots of words that started with the letter G. We made our own Halloween books. We copied words and drew pictures. We told our own stories and the story making table. We had lots of fun playing in The Halloween House. It was a fun day in Kindergarten


Safety First

Today we learned about Bus Safety. We met a special ELK. Ask me what his name was. We practiced going out the back of the bus. Ask me what the safety rules are. The house center is turning in to a Halloween House. We are excited for Halloween. We will be having a small Halloween party on October 31st from 10:00 11:15. Our parents are welcome to come and work at a center if they would like. Mrs. Kitson will be sending out an email about the party. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


Maker Space Fun

Today we had a very nice substitute teacher in the morning. She told Mrs. Kitson that we were a very nice class. We practiced our sounds and she told a story about the letter E. We went to different letter stations and we played a game practicing taking turns. In gym we played a fun tag game with little rainbow sponges. We practiced using our pincer grip to fling the rainbow sponge at our friends. We even had a fun race. This strengthens our fingers. We had fun in the afternoon in The Maker Space. We painted, played in the water table, coloured, played with the house and used the building materials. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.

Teacher Note: Remember to sign up for interviews. It is a good idea to link the school's google calendar as our kindergarten classes are sometimes altered due to field trips etc. It does not always follow the Elk Island School Board Calendar.