Our Kindergarten Blog

2022-2023 KT


June is the month of Weddings

Today we had many weddings. We all were able to be part of the wedding party or if we chose to we chose someone to marry. Our wedding promise was to be kindergarten friends forever. In the afternoon we had a talent show. It was a day of love and laughter. It was a great way to celebrate our last day of school.

Happy Holidays Kindergarten Friends

See you in September!!


National Indigenous Peoples day

Today The Gingerbread Man sent us an email. He sent us a book about one of his friends. It was about The Bannock Bread Boy. Ask me about the story. Mrs. Kitson made bannock for us. We ate it with strawberry jam. It only has four ingredients, water, flour, salt and baking powder. We learned about the last Kimochi. It is Cat. Cat likes to be bossy. We are learning how not to be bossy and take turns being the leader. We practiced cooperating this morning. We played 5 different games with our friends. We need to learn how to win and how to lose. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


You've Got a Friend in Me

Today we re-watched our year end video. We all sang the song, You've Got a Friend in Me. We are all going to be friends for a long, long time. Mrs. Blatner brought us freezies. She is our librarian . We even had another special treat from one of our friends. We are bringing home some of our work. We can finish our ABC book at home. We can also write in our lifebook and the little blue book over the summer. We had a fun day playing in KIndergarten. It was so rainy so we played inside all day.


Here We Come Grade One

Today was a very special day. We went to visit the grade one teachers. We had lots of fun. We can hardly wait until Grade One. Mrs. Kitson told us she will miss us.


Telus Time

Today both of our Kindergarten classes went to The Telus World of Science. It was a great day filled with friends and fantastic fun. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers. We could not have done it without you.


The Fire House and The Fairy House

We are bringing home a pattern book. We worked really hard cutting and pasting and making patterns. Ask me to make you a pattern at home. We learned about the last Grandfather Teaching. The turle represents truth. We will soon be bringing home a special book with all the pictures of the Grandfather teachings. In the afternoon we played in The Fire House and The Fairy House. It was a fun day in KIndergarten.