Our Kindergarten Blog

2022-2023 KT


Mr. Spady Visits Kindergarten

Today Mr. Spady read us the story, I am Enough" by Grace Byers. Ask me about the book. We learned a new word today. It was humilty. The wolf is the sixth Grandfather teaching. The wolf represents humility. We learned that it means you should not brag. We learned that we all are equal. Mrs. Kitson also introduced us to Hugtapus. Ask me about our new Kimochi friend. Gingy sent us an email. We circled all of the snap words. There were so many snap words!! We had fun setting up fairy houses, sewing and playing school in The Maker Space. Gingy sent us a book and freezies.He is a good friend. It was a seet and kind day in Kindergarten.


Planting Tomatoes

Today we planted tomatoes that Mrs. Dreidger grew in her greenhouse. In the morning we learned about the artist Wassily Kandinsky. We watched a video about his work. He was a very good artist. We made our own art work. We used different lines and shapes in our pictures, just like Kandinsky. We practiced the 10 snap words. We are working hard to memorize these words. We read a letter from Gingy. He is planting a garden too. We looked for snap words in his message. It was a fun day in Kindergarten


Planting the Garden

Today we started planting our garden. We planted carrots and radishes. We still have lots more to plant. We will be watering and taking care of our garden every day. We can't wait to see our garden grow. Today we learned about another Grandfather teaching. We learned that the beaver represents wisdom. We talked about making good choices. We practiced writing our numbers. We are becoming good printers. We had lots of fun playing in the Maker Space. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


Turtle Island

Today our friend came and talked to us about Turtle Island. He talked to us in Cree. It is an indigenous language. It was real cool to hear him talk in another language. Ask me how Turtle Island was formed. We learned about an artist. Her name is Georgia Okeefe. She painted lots of big flowers. Today we drew our own flowers. "We filled a space in a beautiful way." We used chalk pastels. We got a little messy. It was so much fun!!! We talked about measurement. We talked about capacity. It is how much something holds. We worked with a partner and played a more or less game. We had fun in gym playing Doctor Tag. In the afternoon we set up Kindertown. We had a flower shop, a veterinarian hospital, a grocery store and a space ship. It was a busy but fun day in Kindergarten.

Teacher Note: There is no school for either Kindergarten class this Friday May 12th.


Learning about Weight

Today we talked about weight. We used scales to compare the weight of different objects. We talked about when it would be important to weigh something. We watched a fun video that compared the weights of different objects. We are learning about The 7 Sacred Teachings. She taught us about the bear today. It stands for courage. We had a sharing circle and talked about different times when we showed courage. We played a fun bowling game in gym. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


Kinder Town

Today we set up our own town in the classroom. We have an airport, a pet shop, a candy store and a coffee shop. It was so much fun setting up our stores. Mrs. Kitson read us a funny book. It was called Interrupting Chicken. Ask me about the story. We talked about measurement. We talked about measuring the weight of things. We talked about when it is important to know the weight of something. We had lots of good ideas. We learned about another Grandfather Teaching. It was about the eagle. The eagle represents love. We drew the eagle for our animal guides book. We practiced listening for the vowel sound of O. We are bringing home another little book to add to our reading box. It was a busy and fun day in Kindergarten.