Our Kindergarten Blog

2022-2023 KT


Turtle Island

Our friend, Leaha came to talk to us about Turtle Island. She brought in a real turtle shell and told us how the Cree people used the shell like we use a calendar. It has 13 parts on the shell that represent the 13 moons. She showed us sweet grass also. We smelled it. We liked the smell. We practiced subitizing and played a dice game called Ready to Roll. Mrs.Kitson read us the story, Harry the Dirty Dog. Ask me what Harry was running away from. We made predictions about what we thought was going to happen. I can make predictions when you read me a book too. We drew a pricture and talked about our favourite part of the story. It was a cold, cold day so we played inside. It was a cold but happy day in kindergarten.


A Dragon Comes to Dinner

Today was Random Acts of Kindness Day. We talked about what that means and watched a video about how Kindness can be catchy. We sat in our rainbow and gave compliments to each other. It feels good when someone gives you a compliment. It feels even better when you give someone a compliment and it makes them feel happy. It was Candy Gram day. We all had a special treat and note. We learned about castles and watched a video of castles around the world. We drew our own castle and made crowns for our portraits. We talked about what we would do if we wer a king or a queen. In the afternoon we watched a video and had a surprise popcorn party. It was a pop pop pop kind of day in kindergarten.


Castle Time

Today during Wondertime, The Superintendent, Mark Liguori and the upcoming Superintendent, Sandra Stoddard came and played with us. In the morning we practiced reading our snap words. We circled the snap words in Gingy's email and we circled the words, the, is and that in our Castle books. We will take them home tomorrow. It helps me learn how to read if I re-read these little books everyday. You can help me. Gingy sent us the book , The Paper Bag Princess and a dragon costume. Ask me about the book. We played clockominos and practiced our subitizing skills. It was a dragon of a time in kindergarten.


Happy Valentine's Day

Today we had lots of fun doing Valentine's Day activities. We decorated a cookie, made a card, played a dice game, and made a colourful heart book. We danced and had a lovely cookie snack. We played cupid tag in gym. It was an even more special day as we celebrated one of our friend's birthdays with a gigantic cupcake. It was a sweet, sweet day in Kindergarten.


The Three Little Pigs

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the story of The Three little Pigs. She also read, Jams Marshall's version of The Three Little Pigs. It was very funny. We are practicing reading our books. We read by ourselves and with partners. We take our time and look at the pictures to give us information. We can use the first letter of the words sometimes to help us read the written word. We practiced our numbers. We had to colour in one more than the number on the dice. We are bringing home a new fairy tale book. We circled the snap words, I , am and like. We can read this book to you. It was a nice day to play outside. It was a piggy kind of day in kindergarten.


Worms and Groundhogs

Today we looked at our worms in our worm bin. We talked about composting. We will be feeding our worms vegetable and fruit scraps. It is GroundHog Day. We listened to the story, Groundhog Gets a Say. We watched a video with an American groundhog and a Canadian groundhog. The Canadian groundhog predicted an early spring. The American groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter. We believe the Canadian Groundhog. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Cinderella and the Big Bad Wolf. We noticed that there were many different fairy tale characters in the book. It was a very funny story. Ask me about the story. We drew a picture and wrote a sentence about our favourite fairy tale character. We had fun at wondertime. We love the castles. It was a groundhog kind of day in kindergarten.