Our Kindergarten Blog

2022-2023 KT


The Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went into the forest and looked for yellow eggs. We found lots and lots of eggs, but we couldn't find the golden one! In the morning we talked about Measurement. We have learned about length, and area. Today we talked about weight. We talked about what things we need to weigh. We practiced listening for vowel sounds. We are getting good at hearing the differences between the vowels. We played a fun game where we revealed letters on the smartboard to make three letter words. We are practicing blending our sounds together to read words. We practiced writing our snap words. We can practice these words at home too. It was a fun and eggy time in Kindergarten.


Earth Day

Earth Day is on Saturday so the whole school cleaned up the school yard. We found lots of cardboard by the little park. In the morning our friend Lovey Dove and Mrs. Kitson talked to us about how we show that we are friendly. One of our friends was a friendly feeling detective. We talked more about crows. We watched a video called, Rainbow Crow. We learned that crows are not only black but they also have blue and purple colours in their feathers. Ask me about the story of The Rainbow Crow. We are practicing printing. We need to remember to start our letters from the top. We practiced listening for vowel sounds. They are tricky. It was a great day in Kindergarten.


Reading to my Friends

Today we talked about measurement. We learned a new word. The word is area. It is the space inside a shape. We guessed which of our tables had the biggest area. It was very close. We are starting to learn about birds. Today we learned about crows. We learned that they are very smart. We drew a crow in our lifebook and wrote a sentence about the crow. We are reading our snap words every day. We took a sheet of snap words home. We can practice them at home too. We talked about the"et" family. We made words with et. We are bringing home a book with "et" words. We circled the snap words. Help me read my new book. It is fun reading to our friends. One of my friends made a book and shared it with us, It was really cool. We clapped for her. We had fun playing Captain's Court in gym class. It was a fun day in KIndergarten.


Big and Small Movements in Music

Today we practiced listening for sounds at the beginning of words. We are practicing taking apart words and putting them back together. We are practicing making words with the sounds we know. We circled the snap books in our book, My Cat. In the book there are words we can sound out also. We practice reading our snap words every day. I can practice at home with the purple sheet I brought home. I love reading my little books at home. Mrs. Kitson read us the book. There was an old astronnaut that Swallowed the Moon. It was very funny! In Music we had lots of fun making big and little movements. We had fun playing with badminton rackets and balloons in the gym. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


Exploring Measurement

In the morning one of our friends brought us a swallow's nest with eggs. We looked a video about the swallow and listened to its song. Today we started to talk about measurement. We talked about the word length. We compared our shoes and our pet snakes. We talked about which one is longer and which one is shorter. We talked about when it was important to measure the lengths of things. In the afternoon we pretended we were measuring things on a construction site. We made words with the at family and the am family. We practiced writing words. Mrs. Kitson talked about The Grandfather Teachings. They are the stories that the indigenous people tell. We learned about the word respect. The buffalo is the spirit animal of respect. We drew a buffalo. We will make our own spirit animal book. It was a rainy but happy day in Kindergarten.


Teachers vs. Students

Today we went to the gym and watched the teachers play against the students. Mrs. Dreidger, our music teacher was a basketball star!!! Freddy the Firebird came and visited us. In the morning Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The girl with Big, Big Questions. We talked about what a question was and what words we can use to ask questions. A friend from Saffron came and talked to us about our personal bubble. Ask me what I learned. We are taking home a colour book about easter eggs. We can put it in our basket to read over and over again. We are also bringing home 2 home reading books and our 10 snap words. There is a special letter for you to read. We had fun practicing subitizing playin our Zap game. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, My Favourite Book in the Whole Wide World. Ask me what his favourite book was. It was a bouncy kind of day in Kindergarten. Have a great long weekend! Happy Easter!