Our Kindergarten Blog

2022-2023 KT


Worms and Groundhogs

Today we looked at our worms in our worm bin. We talked about composting. We will be feeding our worms vegetable and fruit scraps. It is GroundHog Day. We listened to the story, Groundhog Gets a Say. We watched a video with an American groundhog and a Canadian groundhog. The Canadian groundhog predicted an early spring. The American groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter. We believe the Canadian Groundhog. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Cinderella and the Big Bad Wolf. We noticed that there were many different fairy tale characters in the book. It was a very funny story. Ask me about the story. We drew a picture and wrote a sentence about our favourite fairy tale character. We had fun at wondertime. We love the castles. It was a groundhog kind of day in kindergarten.


Cinderella's Castle

Today Mrs. Kitson read us two Cinderella stories. One story was the traditional story and one was called Cinderelephant. We talked about what was the same and what was different. We talked about the setting and the characters. Ask me about the stories. We practiced our letter sounds and we wrote an I like sentence in our lifebook. We clap the syllables, and listen for the sounds in each syllable. We know there is a vowel in each syllable. We use our alphabet chart and our vowel chart to help us. We brought those home to show you. We are starting to practice our printing. We should always start our letters from the top. We are practicing making our patterns and figuring out what comes next in a pattern. Today we talked about patterns with three elements. It was a lot harder. We played a new tag game and learned a new dance in gym. It was a Princess and Prince kind of day in Kindergarten.


Firebird Fun Day

Today was a super fun day. Gingy sent us a special email and a special present. He sent us hot chocolate. It was a perfect day to have a hot drink. In the morning we practiced breaking words into syllables and writing and drawing in our lifebooks. We worked in small group and looked at pattern strips. We noticed that some of the strips were not patterns. We continue to practice our letter sounds. We listen for beginning and ending sounds. We are bringing home Little Red Riding Hood puppets. Ask met to use my puppets to retell the story. Re-telling is part of my report card. In the afternoon we went to the gym and watched a movie. We even had a bag of chips. It was a warm and yummy day in kindergarten.


Snow Sculpture Fun

Today we built snow structures. The snow was wet and soft. We went around the field and looked at all the snow sculptures. It was so windy. It was lots of hard work walking through the snow. Mrs. Kitson read us the story, Super Red Riding Hood. We compared the original story to our new story. Ask me about the stories. We talked about making a pattern with three elements. We practiced continuing a pattern with Mrs. Kitson on the smartboard. We made our own three element patterns. We are bringing home a new book for you to read with us. We circled the words I and the. These are two of the sight words we are learning. We had lots of fun playing Little Red Riding Hood and playing in the Maker Space. It was a wild and windy day in Kindergarten.


Little Red Riding Hood

Today Mrs. Kitson read the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. We talked about different stories we had heard. We made different patterns with two elements. Ask me to make you a pattern at home. We practiced reading our alphabet chart. We are bring home the alphabet chart, the vowel chard and a printing chart. We can use these at home to help us learn our letters and write words. We continue to practice our rhyming skills. Help me practice rhyning at home. We had fun playing in the snow and playing Little Red Riding Hood at Wondertime. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.


The Three Bears' Breakfast

Today we celebrated The Three Bears story by having a special bowl of oatmeal. Mrs. Kitson read us many different versions of The Three Bears story. Ask me what my favourite story is. We are working on writing a sentence in our lifebook. We are copying sentence starters. We copied the words I like and then we sounded out our own words. we first clap the sylablles in the word and then we stretch out the sounds. We look at the vowel chart to pick which vowel we need. You can help me clap out the sylablles in words at home. We practiced making patterns. We are learning that there are two elements in an AB pattern. Ask me to make you different patterns using two elements. We played a new tag game in gym. It was called Band-aid. We had a fun day in the Maker Space. Ask me what I did in the Maker Space. It was a fun day in kindergarten.