Our Kindergarten Blog

2022-2023 KT


Animal Time Fun

It was a cold, cold day. We stayed inside for recess. We had lots of fun playing with the animals. We made up funny stories with the letter X and K. We learned the nursery rhyme, Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. We are bringing home our own Mary. We practiced our scissor skills. We practiced subitizing by playing a dice and penny race game. We had fun making stars with shaving cream and water colour. It was so much fun to see the colours change. It was a cold day but a fun day in Kindergarten.


Water Colour Magic

In the morning we talked about the letters Y and I. Y is a very hard sound to remember. We made up silly stories and practiced writing the letters. We practiced writing words in our lifebooks. We stretch out the sounds and listen for beginning, middle and end sounds. Mrs. Kitson read us a funny book about 47 beavers in the Deep Blue See. We are bringing home another nursery rhyme book. It is Row, Row, Row Your Boat. We love practicing our reading with our little books. We are making special paper to make a Christmas Tree picture. We are singing a Christmas Tree Song for The Christmas Concert.


Ready to Roll

Today we played a dice game. We are getting good at subitizing. (seeing a number without counting), We made our own Baa Baa Baa Black Sheep Puppets. I can recite the nursery rhyme with you. You can also help me read the nursery rhyme. I have a special print out of the rhyme to share with you. We practiced listening for sounds at the beginning of words and at the ends of words. You can play a sound game with me at home. Ask me what sound I hear when you tell me a word. We went to the library and took out a book. We love books!!!

Teacher Note: Please label your child's outdoor clothing. Many children have the same snow pants, hats and mitts. I do have some mitts and toques that no one has claimed. If you are missing any clothing please email me. Have your child share their dally nursery rhymes with you. Keeping them in a shoe box so they can read them over and over is a great way to develop early literacy skills.


Where did The Gingerbread Man Go?

Today Mrs. Kitson read, The Gingerbread Man story. We made our own gingerbread men. We talked about all the ingredients and smelled all the different spices. When we went to get our cookies the big gingerbread man was gone. We went around the school and asked different people if they saw our gingerbread Man. We couldn't find him. We had fun decorating and eating our cookies. In the morning we listened to different nursery rhymes. We practiced Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. We are bringing home our own book you can help me read the book. I should point to the words when I read. You can help me. We also played Penny push. We listened for sounds in two sound words and pushed the penny when we hear each sound. We then blended the sounds together to say the word.

Note From Mrs. Kitson

Your child has brought home different types of nursery rhymes. It would be a good idea to get a show box that they can keep the little books and puppets in. They can practice saying and reading the nursery rhymes. I will be sending home little books throughout the year. This is part of our home reading program.


Baa Baa Black Sheep and Other Nursery Rhymes

Today we practiced the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill. We made our own puppets. Ask me to recite Jack and Jill. We played a math game where we had to count and compare. We made towers and saw who had more and who had less. Mrs. Kitson read the book, Duck on a Bike. She stopped near the end and asked us what we thought would happen at the end of the story. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Party Like a Snail. Ask me how snail's party? She also read the book, Jack Be Ninga. It is like Jack be Nimble. We had lots of fun playing in the snow. We love shoveling the snow.

Teacher Note: When reading a book to your child, sometimes stop and ask: What do you think is going to happen next. Prediction is a good way to check for comprehension.

Have a great Fall Break!


We had fun with our Substitute teacher

Today Mrs. Kitson worked in the maker space with us. We had a fun substitute teacher. We started to learn about Nursery Rhymes. I want to know what your favourite Nursery rhyme is. All month we will be learning nursery rhymes.

Teacher Note: Rhyming is an important literacy skill. The children will be taking home a rhyming book every week. Practice rhyming with your child. The kids love making up silly rhyming stories.