Our Kindergarten Blog


Our Last Day of KIndergarten

Today was our last day of KIndergarten. In the morning Gingy sent us a digital story. He was the star in the story. Ask me about the story. He made a big gingerbread house and gave us each a book and a Gingy lifebook. We love Gingy! He even brought us a sweet treat. After our big surprise we played outdoor carnival games. In the afternoon we watched our friends get married. They pledged to be friends forever. It was a lovey dovey kind of day in Kindergarten.


Year End Celebration

Today was our year end celebration. We danced to the Kinder polka, and the shoemaker dance. We sang the song, All I Really Need by Raffi. We had a special surprise dance with our families. It was really funny. We then watched a slide show and remembered all the fun activities we did this school year. At the end of the presentation Mr. Spady handed out our certificates. We were proud of graduating kindergarten. It was a most special day in Kindergarten.


The Bannock Bread Boy

Today Gingy sent us an email. He sent us the book, The Bannock Bread BOy. Ask me about the story. It had a different ending. We really liked the story. We made our own bannock. It is fried bread. We talked about what special foods we make with our familiies. We are excited about our year end celebration on Wednesday. It was a yummy day in kindergarten.


Rainbow Crow

Today Mrs. Kitson read us the story of Rainbow Crow. Ask me why a crow is black and why he has shimmering colours. We drew our own rainbow crow. We practiced making different patterns and we are bringing home a new book. Please read it with me. Gingy sent us an email. He sent us a treat and said he had been on an adventure. We wonder where he went. We had a rainbow kind of day in Kindergarten.


White Shirt Day

Today it was White shirt day. We wrote our names on our friends' T-shirts. It was so much fun! It was a jam packed day. In the afternoon we went to visit grade one. We are so excited to go to grade one next year.


Planting our Garden

We are starting to Learn about The Grandfather Teachings. We talked about the bear today. It stands for Courage. We talked about times when we showed courage. We had fun working with a Metis artist. We made beautiful trees. It was a wonderful planting and artful day in Kindergarten.