Our Kindergarten Blog


A Visit to The Hair Salon

Today we had lots of fun at Wondertime. We have a new hairdressing area. In the morning we read a new book. It had lots of words in it. We practiced the vowel sounds and we sounded out the words. We practiced subitizing when we played a dice game. We worked in our lifebooks. We listened for the sylables in the words and wrote the sounds we heard. We learned about our new Kimochi friend. Her name is Cat. Ask me about her.


Safety City

Today we went with our friends in the other kindergarten class to Safety City. We learned about the 7 Safety Steps. Ask me about the steps. It was rainy and windy but we loved driving the quads. We also learned all about fire safety. Ask me what I learned.

A big thank you to all the wonderful parent volunteers. You are the best!!!!!


Beach Day

Today it was Beach Day. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Pig Kahuna. We made our own surf boards. We had fun doing beach yoga and we did the Hula. We listened to the book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and made our own coconut trees. At the end of the day we had popsicles. It was a sunny kind of day in our classroom.


The Easter Egg Hunt Finally Happened

We are bringing home a new book about an ant.We are getting good at reading our little books. Let me read to you. You can help me too. We are practicing our subitizing. We made our own number 5 book with fireflies. We met a new Kimochi friend. His name is Bug. We talked about a time when we were afraid to do something new. Bug is afraid of change. We learned how you can still have feelings of being scared to try new things, but you can also be brave. In the afternoon we went on an Easter Egg Hunt. It was a chocolatey day in Kindergarten.


Fruit Loop Patterns

Today we talked about patterns. We are making AB, AAB, ABC and lots of other patterns. I can show you the patterns I can make at home. Gingy sent us an email. He sent us a box of fruit loops. We made fruit loop necklaces. There might not be any fruit loops on my necklace when I get home. We are bringing home a new book. We are getting very good at reading our little books. We made bbok marks for our parent volunteers. We want to say thank you for all that our volunteers do for our school. It was a fruity day in Kindergarten.


Our Five Senses Paintings

Today we used water colours to paint beautiful pictures. We talked about the five senses. We pretended we were inside our paintings. Mrs. Kitson asked us what we saw, smelled, tasted, heard and touched inside our painting. We used our imagination . We learned many new words to describe the five senses. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, The Magical Garden of Claude Monet. We looked at many of his paintings. They are beautiful. We are bringing home a 5 senses book. We had a painting kind of day in Kindergarten.