Our Kindergarten Blog


Telus World of Science

We had so much fun on our field trip to Telus World of Science. We learned about the Five Senses. We played in CuriousCity and we learned all about the planets in The Zeidler theatre.

A BIG BIG THANK YOU to all our wonderful volunteers! We could not have done it without you.


Castle Time

We love playing with the playmobil castle. We have so much fun dressing up and playing knights and dragons. In the morning the Gingerbread Man sent us an email. We practiced circling the snap words in his message. We continue to practice our letter sounds too. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Little Red Hot. Ask me about the book. It had a funny ending. We are bringing home a nursery rhyme book. I can practice reciting the nursery rhymes with you. We made unifix patterns on paper. We are getting really good at making difficult patterns. Ask me to make you a pattern at home We talked more about Cloud. We shared our happy stories and sad stories. Ask me to make you a pattern at home. On Wednesday it is guess our theme day. Our class chose to dress up as superheroes. If we don't have a costume we can just pin a sign on a tshirt or hat. Mrs. Kitson says she has capes we can wear. We had a fun day in kindergarten.



Today we went to the gym. We met a group of drummers. They were called Sangea. We drummed and danced. It was so much fun! We were pretty tired when we finished. In the morning we practiced our letters and sounds. We are practicing blending our letters and reading three letter words. We are bringing home another decodable book. The title is "The Cat" We should put all out books in a special box or place so we can practice reading these books everyday. This is a special part of our reading program. We are also looking for snap words in our emails from Gingy. Our snap words are: the, of, and, a , to, in, is you , that and it. We can look for these words when you are reading books to me at nights. We can also put them on the fridge and practice memorizing them. We are learning about patterns . We are making patterns with two and three elements. We can look for patterns around the house. We had a drumming kind of day in KIndergarten.


Making Snowflakes

Today we learned about snowflakes. We made our own snowflakes with different shapes. We talked about the letter V. We need to practice all our letters and sounds. We do this everyday in school. We are bringing home another book. Can you help me blend the sounds to read the words. There are a few snap words in our book. We made patterns and then we made music with our patterns. We clapped, slapped and stomped our patterns. We can make a musical pattern at home. Mrs, Kitson read us the book, Wilma Jean, the Worry Machine. Ask me about the book. We talked about our worries and what we can do about them. We learned more about Lovey, Dovey. We learned that she is friendly. We talked about ways we show that we are friendly. It was a friendly day at school.


The Sense of Taste

Today we talked about the sense of taste. We went to The Kinder Cafe. We tasted sour, sweet, salty, bitter and even umami . Can you guess what I tasted. We talked about patterns. We made patterns with out math boxes. We are starting to sound out words in our lifebooks. We are clapping the syllables and stretching out the sounds. The Gingerbread Man sent us an email. He said he made his own reading box and that he was learning the same snap words. We looked for words in his message. The snap words are words we should be able to read in a snap. The words we are learning are: the, of, and, a, to, it, in is, you, that and it. We had a fun day in KIndergarten but we wish we could go outside.


Maker Space Fun

Today it was another crazy cold day. We had indoor recess again. We built a stage in the Maker Space. Mrs. Kitson showed us a video about weaving. We talked about how the indigenous people would weave different things . They used feathers, hair, and plant materials. We have our own looms and we are starting to weave with yarn. Mrs. Kitson told us it takes perserverence. She asked us who we learned about in September that showed us what perseverance was. We remembered Terry Fox. We had a fun day in Kindergarten.