Our Kindergarten Blog


Kindergarten....., It is Cold Outside.

It was a very cold day today so we had a very small class. We wrote words in our lifebooks. We are clapping the syllables in words and stretching out the sounds. We are working on our weaving. We watched a video about the indigenous people used different natural materials in their weavings. Mrs. Kitson said it will take persistence to finish our blankets. She asked us who we learned about at the beginning of the year that showed persistence. We remembered how Terry Fox perservered. We are taking home our reading boxes. There are two notes about reading in Kindergarten. We will bringing home different little books throughout the year we should keep them in our box and re-read them.If we didn't bring a box to school we can decorate one at home. We talked about patterns and made patterns with our math box. We played a drawing game, making our own unique snowflake. It was so cold outside that we stayed in all day. We did yoga in the classroom.We had fun at Wondertime playing in the castle.It was a cold but fun day in Kindergarten.


The Sense of Touch

Today we talked about the sense of touch. We explored the many textures of the materials that the Indigenous people would have used when there were not any stores. We felt, fur, sticks,moss , and leather.We practiced writing three letter words Mrs, Kitson read us another Three Pigs fairy Tale. It was told by the wolf. Ask me about the story. We had fun playing in the castle at wondertime. It was a fun day in Kindergarten.


Fairy Tale Time

Today was our first day back after the holidays. We were so excited to see all of our friends. We are learning about FairyTales. The first Fairy Tale Mrs. Kitson read to us was, The Three little Pigs. We talked about how there are many different versions of the same story. We talked about the 5 senses. We learned about the word texture. We did a texture scavenger hunt in the classroom . We found things that were: bumpy, gooey, sticky, smooth, and soft. We learned many other texture words. We learned about our skin and how the sense of touch is very important. We learned a big word for skin. Ask me what the big word is. We reviewed our letters and talked about the vowel e. We are practicing our vowel sounds. We had lots of fun at Wondertime. We now have a castle in the classroom. It was a cold but we felt warm playing with our friends.


The Ginger Shop

Today we listened for ending sounds. We talked about the "am" family and the "an" family. We have to listen carefully to hear the sounds in words. We practiced writing an and am words on our whiteboards. We cut out the words and matched the words with the pictures. We can show you our paper. Help me read the words. We had fun watching the video of the concert with grades 1,2 and 3. We went to the gym and played on the scooters. We can go very fast. We had fun inventing play areas in The Maker Space . We had a great day in Kindergarten.


What a Great Concert

I was so proud of our KIndergarten Rock Stars last night. A big thank you to all the talented guitar makers out there. It was a memorable night. Today we had a great surprise, a junior high class made us pancakes. They said the Gingerbread Man helped them. We made a paper chain that we can count down the sleeps til Christmas. We also made an ice cream cone tree. The Gingerbread Man sent us an email. We are started to look for words in his message. The first word we were looking for is YOU. It is a word that we have to memorize. It was a sweet day in Kindergarten.


All Together for Christmas

It was a busy day in Kindergarten. We practiced and practiced! Mrs Kitson said we were rock stars!!!! It was so much fun to meet new friends. It was a rocking good time in Kindergarten.