Our Kindergarten Blog


Crazy Hair and Hat Day

Today it was crazy hair and hat day. We had a special guest reader. He read the book, The Book with no Pictures.It was so funny!!!! Ask me why it was so funny. We worked in our lifebooks. We like to share our own stories. We practice writing the letters: s,j,t,p and M. We have to remember to start our letters from the top. We had a sharing circle and talked about how to be a good friend. Mrs.Kitson told us to make sure we talk to her or Mrs. C if we have a problem with a friend. We talked about how we can all work together to have a safe and happy classroom. We had fun doing silly games in the gym.We had lots of fun playing at Wondertime. It was a fun filled day in Kindergarten.


Strathcona Wilderness Center

The rain held and we had a wonderful trip to Strathcona Wilderness Center. The children were engaged in many outdoor activities. They looked for colours in the for. They looked for colours in the forest, went on a scavenger hunt, and built fairy houses. A big thank you to all the volunteers. We could not have done it without you!!!


Sunny Sunflowers

Today we picked sunflowers from our garden. We looked closely at the shapes and lines of the sunflower. We used special pastels to draw our sunflowers. We learned about the artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Mrs. Kitson read us the story, Van Gogh and the Sunflowers. We looked at beautiful paintings that Vincent had painted. We liked his art. We had lots of fun taking our time and drawing our sunflowers. We practiced making our own power of 10 boxes with egg cartons. Mrs. Kitson read us the book, One Fox A Counting Book Thriller. Ask me about the book. We had fun at wondertime, building and playing in the firetruck. It was a sunny sunflower kind of day in KIndergarten.


Terry Fox, Our Canadian Hero

Today we learned about Terry Fox. We went on The Terry Fox Run with our grade 6 buddies. In the morning we drew pictures of Terry Fox in our lifebooks. We talked about the letters and sounds in Terry's name. We talked about how Y has more than one sound. We shared our pictures with our friends. We listened to a story about Terry Fox, entitled, Terry Fox and Me. We practiced counting and we learned about The Power of 10 Ten frame cards. In the afternoon, Mr. Hill, the science teacher came with his grade 8 students and showed us what dry ice could do. It was really cool.


Our Lifebooks

Today, Mrs. Kitson brought out The Fire station props. We set up a fire station. In the morning Mrs. Kitson read us the book, Arthur Writes a story. We talked about how our stories in our lifebooks will all be unique because we are all unique. We went to the library and picked out a book. We can pick out a new book every day as long as we don't run out of time. We should try and bring our books back after we read them so we can take out more books.


Carrot Time

Today we picked carrots from the school garden. We drew a carrot in our lifebook. We looked closely at the shape and the lines on the carrot. We talked about the sounds in the word carrot and we copied the word carrot.We made carrot muffins. Mrs. Kitson burned the muffins so we had muffin balls.We learned where cinnamon comes from. We also watched a video about where canola oil comes from. It was called Fields of Home.We watched a video book on the smartboard. It was called The carrot Seed. We went for a Nature Walk in the forest. We looked for all the different coloured leaves. Our playground has new sand. We had fun playing with shovels and buckets in the new big sandbox. It was a delicious day in Kindergarten.