Our Kindergarten Blog


Santa is in The House

Today we practiced our Christmas song on the stage. We are excited to show our family our Christmas moves. We had lots of fun at Wondertime playing in Santa's House.


Happy Hanukkah

Today The Gingerbread Man sent us an email. He also sent us books about Hanukkah and chocolate gelt. Ask me what gelt is. We coloured a Hanukkah book and played Dreidel races, a math dice game. Mrs. Kitson taught us how to play the Dreidel game. We each receive chocolate gelt. We made potato latkes. We ate them with apple sauce. We had fun watching The teachers play against the junior high in a volley ball game. It was a fun day in kindergarten.


Happy Holiday Pyjama Day

Today we came to school in our pajamas. We dance to Pajamarama. We talked about comparing numbers . We talked about the words, more, less and the same. We learned a new vowel. The letter U. We made words with u on our whiteboards. We are getting good at blending the sounds together. We remember to start our letters from the top. We are having lots of fun practicing our song for The Christmas Concert. We had a comfy day in Kindergarten.

Teacher Note: Remember if you are unable to make a guitar I have some parents that have generously donated some unfinished guitars. If you have not already emailed me to set aside a guitar for you , you can email me and request a guitar.


We Love Trees

Today we finished painting our water colour trees. We watched how the water colours blended into new colours. We are bringing home our nursery rhyme puppets. Can you help me recite the nursery rhyme, Baa Baa Black Sheep. We practiced saying the nursery rhyme with Mrs. Kitson. We are practicing for our Christmas concert. We can hardly wait to perform.

Teacher Note: Please send in the guitars as soon as you can. We will be using them on Monday for the KM practice. We will need them on Tuesday December 12 for the afternoon performance as well as for the evening. Thank you for sending in the shoe boxes. We will be decorating them in January.


Water Colour Trees

Today we used water colour paints to paint our beautiful trees. We experimented with mixing colours together. The Gingerbread Man sent us the book, We had fun putting up Christmas decorations. We made our own Christmas and winter play scenes. It was a fun day in KIndergarten


Playing School

Today we had lots of fun at wondertime. Some of us played school. We were practicing our letters. In the morning Mrs. Kitson showed us an email The Gingerbread Man sent. He said he had fun running around the school and meeting children. He did not tell us where he is now. He sent us a gingerbread man stuffy. It was funny because he was a chef gingerbread man. We practiced our letter sounds and made words with the vowel a. We noticed that GingerbreadMAN is a letter we could make. We could write man. We practiced printing other words with "an". We are bringing home a Gingerbread man book. We can practice reading the "an" words. You can read the chant with me. We practiced subitizing. (seeing a number without counting). We are learning to group objects together so we don't have to always count. We played a gingerbread subitizing game. We had a gingy kind of day in Kindergarten.

Teacher Note: We will be taking out rhyming books on Mondays and Learn about the world books on Wednesdays.